Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stardust - 2007 movie

currently showing at Astro HBO.... do catch it if you have the time as it's a brilliant movie:

Soundtrack (with spoiler):

Don't want to say much on it, just wanna let u know it's worth the watch... ;) will keep you hook till the movie ends :D

Monday, December 07, 2009

Zainal Abidin - Hijau

Got this song playing in my head after listening it at my company's annual dinner :


Bumi yang tiada rimba
Seumpama hamba
Dia dicemar manusia
Yang jahil ketawa

Bumi yang tiada udara
Bagai tiada nyawa
Pasti hilang suatu hari
Tanpa disedari

Bumi tanpa lautan
Akan kehausan
Pasti lambat laun hilang
Duniaku yang malang

Dewasa ini kita saling merayakan
Kejayaan yang akhirnya membinasakan
Apalah gunanya kematangan fikiran
Bila di jiwa kita masih lagi muda
Dan mentah
Ku lihat hijau

Bumiku yang kian pudar
Siapa yang melihat
Di kala kita tersedar
Mungkinkah terlewat

Korupsi,opresi,obsesi diri
Polusi,depressi,di bumi,kini

Oh..anok-anok (Oh..anak-anak)
tokleh meghaso mandi laok (tak leh merasa mandi lauk)
Besaing,maing ghama-ghama (bersaing, main ramai-ramai)
Ale lo ni tuo umurnyo bejuto (alah, kamu ni umurnya berjuta)
Kito usoho (kita usaha)
Jauhke dari malapetako (jauh daripada malapetaka)
Ozon lo ni koho nipih nak nak aghi (ozon ni nak nipis hampir nah habis)
Keno make asak (kena makan asap)
Hok biso wei,pasa maknusio (ia berbisa, pasal manusia)
Seghemo bendo-bendo di dunio (semua benda-benda di dunia)
Tokleh tehe (tak boleh tahan)
Sapa bilo-bilo (sampai bila-bila)


couldn't find a translation of the above, so here it goes:

the earth which is without forest,
is like a slave,
being trampled by humans,
who glee with evil laughter...

the earth which is without air,
is like without life,
will be gone one day,
without being realized at...

the earth without the sea,
will thirst,
will surely but slowly,
My pitiful planet Earth...

As adults we celebrate together,
our success which will later destroy,
what's the use of maturity of thought?
when in ourselves is still a young man,
and immature,
i saw the green in him...

My earth which is slowly fading,
who actually realizes it?
When we actually wake up,
will it be too late?

Pollution, Corruption, and Obsession,

**in olden slang, Negeri Sembilan dialect:**

Oh, my children,
let's play and work together,
your age is a million (referring to earth i suppose),
We work together,
avoid causing the disasters..
The Ozon layer is not thin yet it's gonna finish,
Soon we'll have to eat smoke...
It is poisonous, because man is poisonous,
everything in this world,
cannot last forever,
till eternity...


Friday, November 13, 2009

TM Streamyx vs P1 - state of Malaysia's Wired Broadband

Posted this in Lowyat forum not long ago to vent my frustrations on the local Wired Broadband...

About TM Streamyx vs P1

Wireless has its own weaknesses... yet sometimes many people in Malaysia rather switched to it due to our TM Screamyx dunno-what-they-are-doing at times... such as long waiting time just to install internet, sudden downtimes, the dont-care-attitude when u log a case... things lidat that spoils the fixed line broadband industry...

It is monopolized by TM and the government till today is doing very little about it... read the latest news about fiber optics layout for Malaysia?

it is given to TM as well...

something this important also TM will get, why? becoz it owns all of the fixed wired broadband industry... notice how small Maxis owns the wired broadband industry, as below:

"Service availability is currently confined to selected residential areas such as Bandar Utama 11 & 12, Desa Sri Hartamas, Sierramas, Bistari Condo Kuala Lumpur, Pusat Bandar Puchong, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Bandar Puchong Utama, Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong, Taman Puchong Permai, Menara KLH Condo, Istara Condo Petaling Jaya, Villa Scotts, Damai Sari, Endah Regal, Bandar Country Homes Rawang, Taman Rawang Perdana, Bandar Baru Nilai, Masalam Sect 9 Shah Alam, Bandar Sunway, Sri Wangsaria Bangsar, Prima Sixteen Petaling Jaya, Taman Tasik Semenyih Kajang, Taman Eng Ann Klang, Taman Bukit Kelisa Seremban, Taman Sutera Johor Bahru, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya Johor Bahru and Taman Scientex Johor Bahru and Taman Pakatan Jaya, Ipoh. Sign up today and experience the power of broadband in your home."

Maxis is wayy better than TMnet stoopid streamyx...(so much stable with a professional support) yet why is it not overtaking TM till this day? Simple, government owns part of TM, making it a semi-government corporation... (so u can confidently say Maxis does not get a permission to lay their own telephone wires, expanding their wired broadband services, alot of hanky panky stuffs that TM does to block other competitions?)

And notice this line:

"He said the Government will roll out an advanced national communications infrastructure soon by wiring up 1.2 million households and business premises with fibre-optics to boost Internet connection speeds to between 10Mbps (megabits per second) and 1Gbps (gigabit per second). Current speeds are up to 4Mbps."

Who is "the Government"?? TM of course, lol lmao biggrin.gif

It even explains why P1 could do so well till it has gotten the attention of Wimax forum in the world... as below:

the government is still sleeping about our current wired broadband situation? helloooo wake up please... whistling.gif doh.gif

**the things i speak are with credibility... as the course I majored at college was Business Information Systems (BSc. Hons), did lots of case studies about IT & businesses, analysis of IT systems etc... as well as having exposure to the real IT industry as i've had close to 3 years experience in it. Have even worked at a local telco for 7 months before as cust service...**

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Air Asia Sucks!!

Called up their call center twice, once waiting for 30 minutes last night from 8.30pm till 9pm, and another today morning for 15 minutes!!!

How can a such a reputable company be providing such a lousy service?


First and last time taking this plane, I will rather choose JetStar or Firefly or some other low cost flights next time!!

quote from Tony's announcement to the world:

From: Tony Fernandes <>Date: Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 7:33 PMSubject: Staying True to Our Promises
Dear AirAsia Guests,

When I wrote to you a few months back, I shared your frustrations over our Call Centre service. I couldn't agree more - as the World's Best Low Cost Airline, AirAsia's Call Centre too should be world class.

Now I am pleased to present to you Asian Contact Centres Sdn Bhd, our integrated Call Centre for all our country operations - Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and the UK. Operations will soon expand to serve guests in Japan, Korea, the Philippines, the Middle East and India. I am sure you have experienced significant improvements in our Call Centre service since it started operations on 16 February 2009.

Asian Call Centres Sdn Bhd is a landmark collaboration between AirAsia and Scicom (MSC) Berhad, a regional industry leader in customer contact management services. With Scicom's multiple contact centres in Asia, serving customers and clients from over 40 countries and in over 40 languages, Asian Contact Centres Sdn Bhd is able to meet your expectations and ensure your booking needs, and enquiries are efficiently attended to.

We are very glad that with Asian Contact Centres Sdn Bhd we are now able to handle 5 million transactions a year in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Indonesia.

Malaysia +603 2171 9333 (Booking)+603 2171 9222 (Inquiry)Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)Thailand +66 2 515 9999Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+7)Indonesia +62 21 50 50 50 88Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+7)Singapore +65 630 77688Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)China +95013 9000 0200Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)United Kingdom +44 845 605 3333Operates 24 Hours, DailyAustralia 1300 760 330Operating Hours : 10am – 11pm (GMT+10)Others +603 2171 9333 (Booking)+603 2171 9222 (Inquiry)Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)

On another note, we would like to encourage you to continue visiting our website where you not only enjoy our low fares but also manage your bookings on your own and obtain vast information on our routes and destinations.
Thank you for flying AirAsia and for making us the 2009 World's Best Low Cost Airline*.
Best regards, Tony Fernandes


Mr Tony,

You can burn the above letter and throw it in a thrash!!

My hopes of getting any refund for that one ticket is dashed after reading these:

My gift for you AirAsia and ur stoopid service:

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

I like this song...

I feel it's one of Taylor Swift's best video and song:

Expensive Tooth Treatment

just pulled out my Molar tooth (beside the wisdom)...

and the pain is killing me again, softly...

blood all over the cotton in my mouth, YUUCKK!!

gosh i hate visiting the dentist, any of you feeling the same way?

All becoz earlier my wisdom bang it, till got a huge cavity there. The doc tried to patch it up 8 months back but the hold/damage was too big. Need to do some expensive Root Canal treatment which is not guranteed but costs a bomb.

Dentist nowadays...haih

compare the price below

Malaysia - root canal with Specialist, RM1800-2000

Singapore - SGD300 (x2 is 600+ RM)

My sis brought her maid there as she is going through the same thing as well, so cheap!!! =.="

meaning to say Malaysia likes to cut throat, when is the government gonna do something about it?

Sorry for always shooting the government, but i feel they are not being proactive in solving all these everyday Rakyat's problem. Instead they LOVE looking into ambitious projects, attracting investors, build this and that etc...

SIMPLE things like Inflation also they could not handle well, how are they gonna win support of the people with all this big bang things? When people are crying out everyday with overspending, low wages, being overworked etc?

BN BN... when are u gonna wake up from your slumber. You are being left behind compare to the developed nations of the world.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Moving in to new house - Nightmare 2

1 day after the outbreak of the 1st incident, a 2nd madness occurred:

1. There is some plastic blocking the rooftop pipe drainage

2. Water started pouring in, mum wasn't aware (I was at office @ work)


4. LUCKY laptop didn't spoil... manage to dry it off... all 3 light bulbs fell down and break... electricity at that room cannot be on anymore in fear of short circuit, need ask people check first.

5. couldn't stay in the master room anymore (mum stayed downstair's room coz her knee pain)

6. need shift to a smaller room... Laptop never gonna be placed at that same spot ever again

ARGHH... 2 incidents straight, what's going on? WHY SO BAD LUCK WAN???

Reason for the earlier Power Disruption

Found out the root cause for it:

1. water filer people drilling the hole (to connect some pipes) accidentally dropped the "Neutral" cable... did not inform anyone (his reason: I do not know wor...)

2. TNB and Gamuda did not check the fixing of the cables properly when building the houses

Still, TNB is somewhat at fault here so i'm not gonna apologize for the defamatory i've made =.=

Dying Inside to Hold you - Timmy Thomas

this song suddenly played in my head, went search for it:

*replaced with link as requested*

Thursday, October 29, 2009

new house, new everything, and TNB caused destruction

dont know how to explain it in words again... i'm horribly sad at this...

all because some engineer was careless in doing his job.

hope to get through this... words cant describe what i'm going through now...

imagine if u were in my feet...

The story goes like this

"On this fine morning, i woke up earlier than i should, wanted to go out to apply for P1 since Celcom was a total letdown with its coverage here...

Took bath, went down for lunch, forgot to switch off my PC (i've always switched it off together with the main plug, but it really crossed my mind this time).

Went out...

At work, was anticipating to come back to test my P1 modem, BUT.. the HORRIBLE STORY HAPPENED... mum called me around 3pm, told me about it. The ceiling fan exploded in her room, the Astro decoder came out with smoke, and a loud explosion in the house (we just moved in)...

I came back at once, saw what happened, everyone was here, my relative and bro in law... they have called up TNB, waiting for them to come check.

I called mum later, she confirmed that TNB did not FIX THE MAIN CABLE PROPERLY AT THE POWER SUPPLY, RESULTING IN OUR "MINI HOUSE EXPLOSION"... she keep telling me my laptop is fine dont worry... but that is not the point dammit!! our stuffs in under threat by some stupid engineer that configured the things wrongly when the build the house!! The TNB people admitted several houses here went through the same thing, triggered by our house!!! all the cables not tight!!!

I came back, fine, so much damage... (the electric gate no longer opened and closed as fast as it should... slow as a snail...)

i tested my ALTEC LANSING SPEAKERS, WHICH COST ME 230+... and I was stunned. I keep pressing ON AND OFF, but there was no light, no "thump" sound that it used to make when u switch it on, nothing... it was dead as a corpse.

I tested my Dell laptop charger, and the screen keep flickering, the charger is semi working, sometimes power comes in sometimes not.

I complained to mum, whine about it, came upstairs, devastated, and sat on my chair for 5 minutes stunned, with a blank face.... saddened, disappointed.

I feel like killing myself, feel like jump down from a 5 story building and have my bones broken... but no.. i tell myself, i have to get through this, get all the warranty replaced and try my best to get out of this shit hole...

best part is, TNB just came and fix, and say BYEBYE.. didn't payback a single cent or apologize, just as if everything is NORMAL."


*i'm already horribly disgusted when TM mentioned they could not pull a phone cable to the house, that my address is not in the system, ask me to provide my neighbor's fixed line number... FOR WHAT??? YOUR SYSTEM IS THAT SUCKY??*

screw them, I'm using P1 now and it beats their speed with 1.4mbps download speed and they could set it up for me in 1 hours time.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

True Spa

For those who thought of joining True Spa, or try their free massage, the below links will change how you think. It's a warning as those who have experienced it knows better...


legal action!! :

never in my life have I witness such a big failure by a service provider...


(above map is not to be mistaken about True Fitness... it is a good gym and nothing bad to say about it.. As True Spa is at the top floor above the gym - both are of separate entities)


By looking at the above facilities, won't you agree with me that it is a waste?... coz the material inside of a business is just half of it, without proper management and service the whole business is equals ZERO...

I hope one day a much better managed company will take over the entire True Spa and run the operations as it should be, rather than dissapointing the everyday customers that walk in here...

Btw, what is the Malaysian government doing in handling such consumer complaints? I guess nothing, bah...

I hope the above post helps... as a friend I'll definately warn my friends on what's good and what's bad for them, do avoid the above... spend your money on something more worthwhile. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

what chinese think about numbers...

for those of you who are curious at what exactly the numbers mean for the chinese community:

numbers to be used for handphones, houses, marriage etc... :)


Sunday, August 09, 2009

credit card

recently I got into some shit... all because of that convenience we call credit card...

a few things you have to know about credit cards:

1. the banks GAIN something from you each time you use it, where a 2% is charged to the shops/dealers/sellers of a service or product

2. the banks WANT you to apply as many credit cards as you can, to them is good income from the masses...

3. the banks DOESN'T CARE about how you manage your credit cards, if you get into a debt, EVEN BETTER, they get to charge you HIGH INTEREST RATES in order to pay back those debts

4. have you ever been approached on this new scheme call credit card installment plans? be careful as this is the one that's dangerous... how are you gonna calculate how much you can afford for the coming months? when u are forced to commit to something where the bank helps you pay it first, and you paying back to the bank? Are you so sure the money you are earning now will be enough?

5. installment plans charge their total to your credit limit, yes the whole thing, e.g. a 3k total payment equals to 3k of credit limit, till you pay it all...

6. do you know that credit cards make you spend more? uh-huh it doesn't help u save up more, it does the opposite... healthy for the economy? wait till you cry each month paying back those commitments where it exceeds what you can afford.

7. a few small totals, add them up and they become a bomb in your credit card transaction history

8. learn to say NO to charging credit cards, especially for monthly payments. Or huge purchases. You never know how is the month's total spending gonna be like... remember the 4% inflation every year as well? things doesn't become cheaper, they tend to inflate... the nasi lemak you buy today might go up 30 cents, without you realizing.

9. YES WE NEED CREDIT CARDS... those who don't need, I SALUTE YOU... you are spending way less then we are. Yes CONTROL is the key word here... well ask yourself how good are you at controlling stuffs that everyone say is easy to control? That's a thought... still we better ought to control before we start begging... my advice, keep your credit cards and only use it when it is WORTH using it, when you look at that charge in your bill and agree, "yes this is worth it", ok use it... and those that will give you a "why the heck I charge that for?", better avoid them...

10. Think about the future, about your loved ones, about your family... before you swap that next purchase... think about the lots more commitments for your children's education, house, car etc to come... don't hear the bullshit that people say, SPENDING IS GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY.... to me it's a conmen's piece of bullcrap.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

new blog template

hope you all liked it... it's my new blog template :)

will be updating when I have stuffs to talk about...

wanna keep some privacy too sorry ya... ^^

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love is the Greatest

“Love is patient; love is kind
and envies no one.
Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude;
never selfish, not quick to take offense.
There is nothing love cannot face;
there is no limit to its faith,
its hope, and endurance.
In a word, there are three things
that last forever: faith, hope, and love;
but the greatest of them all is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:4

too many people forget about the verse above... if only we love more...

Friday, July 10, 2009

random update

some random update

1. watched Transformers 2 and I despised it, more and more after weeks passed... if you were to reflect deep into the story u will find many flaws, and some scenes not even supposed to be there!! but somehow it's there... not funny =.=

2. regreted buying the latest TF2 figurines, now i'm broke, need to really save for this month. Lesson: don't buy them anymore... TF1 got fullset enough!! one day display at my museum k?!!

3. been active in gym, not satisfied still with latest progress... long way more to go... discipline is everything.

4. work is as usual, i feel i have mastered all that i need to know in my department... occasionally will still pick up new knowledge, some that i didn't even knew was there... but overall, things are so much easier then when i first started.

5. need to move on with life, stop looking back...

6. meeting more people now, and looking to meet more...

7. getting into the whole understanding of business... might be getting into 1 soon, when i'm there will let u know what issit =P wont resign from what i'm doing now lar, just part time first and to try things out.

8. life is full of jokers, just let them be ba bro...

9. driving, oh gosh... have malaysians got from bad to worse in driving skillss? there is literally none these days! but still, don't bang them... it's awful to be at the police station and waiting your car to be fixed at the garage, regardless whose fault.

10. $$$$... always looking to make more... no more being content with what I have... till i'm satisfied.

11. spending, time to quit throwing money around... those installment plans better watch out, they'll rip your credit limit apart!! and your monthly financial planning as well!! dont be fooled by those small monthly payments!! add up and u get a "bukit"... =.=

12. car.. looking forward to change car.. it is the next big thing for me to change. Once i am able to...

13. Friends and colleagues.. learning how to treat them better, avoid hurting them, and learn more social skillsss.. (i really need to know much much more, this i figure is the top skill you'll need to be really successful).

14. News... always read what's happening, especially with the current H1N1 and economy turmoils...

15. MJ passed away... may he rest in peace, I figure what ppl are doing now is too late... they shud have appreaciated him while he's still alive.

16. Appreciating life... learn to appreaciate it more after cousin passed away. I realised how unexpected one's life can end... it is time to being serious and take care of what we have now.

17. Movies... why so many good movies at the cinema one?? Harryyy Potterrr next!! weee....Terminator was good, TF2 was ridiculous...

18. updates to my blog... aim: to make an effort to update it more... it's been on and off here and there... not consistent pun =.=""

19. FB games... to let go of it and not being hook to it... play less.. they bring u no difference in life to play them or not... it's just killing time. (playing PS2 is more worthwhile, PS3 not so soon larrr no money all ori games, and one big plasma TV!! zzz) Still... learn to let go of games... it's like when a boy grows up he discards his toys.. time for me to do so as well... admit it!! computer/PS/etc games are all GAMES!!! Learning to let go is a good thing!!

20. to keep in touch with family members more.. i know at times i neglected them... it is time to put more effort in mending those relationships. Dad went and I feel we are getting further apart at times... how long more till we realise one day they are no longer there and that we didn't do enough?

Ok... that's all for now... A sudden want to post these up and to make resolutions out of it :)

Below is an important verse I bumped into today:

In lay man's terms, it means:

14Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a

little while and then vanishes. (NIV version)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RIP cousin

Abit late in posting this, but I know I had to write this down....

My cousin, being only 35 years old, passed away...

I was shocked.

It was largely attributed to his lifestyle, not exercising, drinking with business friends, smoking (since secondary school now less), too much of work.

He passed away due to overwork... around middle of June, he just collapse while walking with his friends.

Earlier he complained to my aunt of heart pain at times, yet he did not go do a through checkup, instead just saw some sinsei and rely on Chinese medicine.

He just had a BMW not long, a new bungalow, and a wife he just married few years back. His wife care and supported for him much when he started the business... yet now he is no longer there to enjoy his hard earned toil..

I know about the 3 brother's life, the lives of my mum's sister (one of the many aunts), and she had worked at a nightclub before, and met this man who gave her the three children. Yet sadly, he wasn't serious and left her soon after. She had to struggle with an unsupportive grandma and finally moved out...even remarried later on only to have her 2nd hubby died in a car accident due to drunk and hitting the divider...

All 3 finished high school, without any degree or higher qualification. They had to work odd jobs, struggle. They were very bad kids when younger, as I used to hear stories where they cheated their mum off her money, sold off their bikes, cheat money for tuition fee and such. Only the eldest brother was the most successful, as he fought hard to become successful after he woke up from being spoiled one day.

I am happy for him and his 2nd brother, whom worked under him. They both were doing well (only the 3rd brother is still stubborn and remain his own way, yet with a job just that he like to dress up too much like some rich man and talk like he knows alot)... yet suddenly the eldest passed away with conditions of a heart attack, and suspected conditions due to his smoking habit last time (he smoked like packets a day of 20s when he was young)... it is just saddening and a waste...

I am sad for them... the mother cried with tears, much tears of pain and suffering and love for him...

I just hoped he got a longer time to live... yet I know things happen for a reason, and only God knows why... I am truly sorry for his wife, his mother and brothers... hope they can see through it...

Take care of your health when you are young, exercise, eat well and avoid smoking (even if u do smoke take care of the amount u take, and try quit never give up), live a balance lifestyle, don't stress yourself, and take breaks, learn to relax (as life is short, I always tell ppl that too, and that life is only one, use it or lose it)

RIP cousin....

Friday, May 22, 2009


Have you ever felt that you are being used? 

Feeling the need that you needed to help someone? Being a friend? Yet end up being accused of things you never intended, being accused of harassing, of all the accusations out of that person you are helping?

Today I went through that scenario, one that I did not expect coming out from a friendship that lasted a year. I helped her, treated her, paid things for her, and end up? I was accused of taking advantage, forcing her to be my girlfriend? WTF, what did I do wrong? My good intentions were rotated 360 degree and pointed like a gun back at me...

I do not want to mention who she is, as she think she is that great for me to put her name all over my blog. Well tell you what gal, you are not that great, and please, knock off that pride of your shoulders, just because you were accepted as an air hostess in a world class airline... or shall I say... "malaysian class". 

At your previous job you were different, you appreciated our friendship, we were friends. I didn't ask for more, although I admitted I liked you. Yet you turn around now, just because you got accepted into a new job training, and think you are "already there". Can't you be more humble? Look at the mirror? And see how many people out there that are more successful than you but do not boast, but appreciate the people in their lives, knowing how to differentiate their careers and separate it from friends?

You spoke like you knew a lot, just because of that few days of class. Have you passed the 3 months test? Are you already flying and proven that you are able to handle the job? Even for a year? Have you ever thought that you might fail? Dislike the job in the end?

You said I had bad intentions, you said I talked as if I wanted to win, as if I started the argument. You think you have all the say? Who are you? Have you any respect for me? Have you considered what I've got to say? Have you grasped hold of my viewpoints, my feelings, my thoughts? You think all I said was wrong? Was uttered from a primary school kid?

I felt stupid, stupid enough to trust you, to wanting to bring you up further, make you better. But instead this is all I get in repayment from our friendship. You hurt me, threw me down, and splattered all that nonsense at my face. I will not take it lightly, and I will mean it this time shall be the last time we meet. It shall be the end of our friendship. If we were to meet on the road one day, I shall not say hi, and we shall be strangers on separate ways. You wanted it that way, as if you demanded it, now you got it, I guess you are happy. Well tell you what, I'm happy that I knew who you really are inside now, and I'm happy I got over it. 

Look at yourself, look deep and analyze what have you become. 

I am speechless, during the time in the car I do not want to say a word anymore... Tired, fed up, and felt like a fool...

You think you are all that pretty, thinking : "oh I have got my dream job being train for the best"... 

Please, it is just the beginning. Looks and knowledge doesn't mean all, it is character, and attitude, and how you handle people that makes you go up. 

So what if you are a PHD, and your whole office hates you. Think. 

The end of me being stupid, no more shall I go through this shit with another girl... for guys out there, beware of being used. Learn to put a full stop once you knew you are in that shit hole.

Don't be like me, it's a waste. Save that money and time for your children in future and for better things to do.

Peace out. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

fell and hit the right side of my head

Today was a tragedy, I accidently fell and hit the right side of my head. Of all places, the bathroom. (due to the fact that I forgot to brush the floor every now and then, causing leftovers of soap thus making it slippery)

At first all was OK, I thought. I did not passed out, just pain. Drove to work as usual. Did my job as usual...

Till I felt a throbbing pain now and then again during work. A pain so irritating and deep on the right side of my head till it pisses me off. I couldn't concentrate on work, till I went googled brain injury all over the place:

The terms scared me, as for the first time in my life after banging my head the pain lasted almost 6 hours. It was almost 12pm noon that time, and the time the incident happened was at 6am.

I told my colleagues, whom they told me to consult the doctor at the company's clinic. So ok, I thought, better check than to be sorry later.

I went down stairs, met the nurse (quite pretty actually haha), she diagnosed me: asked me to rest for 10 minutes before taking blood pressure, checked my eyes movement with a torchlight, gave me a pill before asking me to rest... (she did questioned me too why I didn't went straight to a doc for checkup? Reason: I thought it was a normal bang on the head)

Wow scary, how come so complicated?? And the worst part is after all that, she said that the only way to really confirm the diagnose is to do a scan at the clinic or hospital. (as the doc was not in the company clinic that time)

So I went, with my supervisor (thanks Lim and Allyssa) and we went to this stupid Mendivironclinic at PJ (sorry not all Mendiviron clinic are stupid just this particular one) which delayed our time by half an hour just for a referral to Assunta Hospital. The doc was pretty crap there too without really checking and saying my head did not swell too (the previous nurse said it swelled).

Checked with ING, didn't have coverage... insured plan was v low only for general clinic usage and hospitilisation, checking no.... My superior was pissed, I wasn't as I thought fine just use my personal medical card then (Great Eastern).

Went with Calvin to Assunta Hospital (the person who helped me purchase my GE insurance earlier) and did a checkup (thanks pal appreciate it) with the GP (general practitioner). He mentioned that I have to do a CAT scan before he can confirm anything (owh so how die die also have to scan... head injuries are so complicated x.x )

Once scanned, the tough part was the fact that I needed to wait another 2 hours for the results to be known. I asked Calvin to drove me back to office first, just show me the way and I will come back to collect it myself. I promised that I will inform him and the rest when I get the results.

So I managed to come back although with some slight dizziness (since 10am) and parked my car. Saw the doc and got the scan, he said everything was all right, no internal injuries, no blood clot, no fracture etc. He gave me a few pills and painkillers to take for later.

I was RELIEF... as I really thought it was gonna be serious till I need to be warded, go through surgery and stuff. Even thought of death in all that...

So touch wood, I'm ok now. What a day right? Went through all that shit. I reach home at 6 + pm, after bath and all that I took a nap, and almost couldn't wake up till 9pm. (I think the injury cause that) After which I went for dinner and now I'm back updating the whole incident.

A lot of my colleagues SMS me and asked how am I, how was the scan?...Replied all of them that I'm ok and that I'm still alive =D I've posted the title in Facebook as well and got loads of reply back. Thanks for all you guys and gals' concern, you've touched me =)

Below is the CAT scan image:

Another weird thing to blog about. But definitely a "must-blog".

I thank God it's not my time yet, as I still have so many things to do and see in life. During the time I thought of death today, I saw how my life sped by, how many things I could have done better, utilized my time better, treating others better, and how much is there in the world to do, to see...

It sort of changed me, to actually think you are that close to the fact of dying, and yet survived to live another day. How will you live your life from then on?

I guess everything happens for a reason, and this taught me quite much... =)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

killing a cat...

I've killed a cat accidentally yesterday.

I was on my usual way home after having dinner nearby, which out of nowhere the cat came running from the right side. As I stepped on my break (well maybe not hard enough), it stared at me with a stunned face, and next thing I knew, I ran over it.....

It shriek, with a high pitched cat scream, as I heard thumps under my car while it sped across it... 

I was stunned, as this was my first time hitting a cat. 

I murdered another living being, of all things: A cute, furry, domestic animal. If it was a mouse, or a fly, or an ant, I wouldn't mind killing it as they are a pest if they do come in contact with me and bothering me.

But this was a cat... 

And, it was cute. 

How would you feel if you hit and killed a cute cat? 

A similiar pic (a white cat with black spots, actually mine was a half kitten >.<) :

I just took a life away, and I hope God will have a place for it in heaven.

Hope this sort of bizarre incident won't happen again.. o.O

Imagine if that was a human life by accident... >.<"""""

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


sorethroat till you lost your voice... 

remember how that feels? when suddenly you turned to a squeaky 80 year old. 

Got it today, had to apologize to my customers for losing my voice. All because I didn't want to take the MC... if I did I would have rest and recovered fully the next day.

"hold on david, it's tough times now and u know it."

And I wrote a prayer:

"Dear God, may you give me the strenght to continue on my journey. As it is still long, with many unpredictables on the way. Show me your light so that I won't be blinded, that I'll be able to make it home safely with you one day...

Give me the grace to live a soldier in Christ, as when troubles and testing comes, that I may learn to face them with courage, truth and preserverance. Bless those around me, my friends, my collegues, my family. That I'll learnt to love them like how you taught us to love.

Grant that I may not give up, but to continue living with hope, knowing that you are there beside me each day, and that I have nothing to fear. Even in the darkest hours, you will be with me, holding me, encouraging me. As you understand my every suffering on earth, in this world... 

And yes I am a sinner, and I pray you will make me a better person as each day pass. As I grow older and weaker, I lean on to you, my rock. Without you, I would be a different person as I am today.... your percepts and words taught me about life, made me realize how much men have failed you, yet you continued to love them and did not gave up on them. To give yourself on the cross, so that we may have life. 

I thank you all for your blessings, your help, and your kindness. Without you I would be much poorer in spirit and soul. Without you many of my sufferings would be many folds worse. Without you I would have wander, lost and alone.

Thank you God.


Sunday, May 03, 2009


Saturday and Sunday was great.

Saturday - had a full sleep and woke up at 11.30am. Fren came at 3.30pm and we played PS2 till dinner time. Went Auntie Juliete (Kota Kemuning) to eat dinner. Had sphegetti while fren had Chicken Mariland. Next, came back and PS2 till 6am before slept... haha.

Games we played:
1. Armored Core 4 (he couldn't get his hands off the VS mode, had to entertain him fight one on one... which earlier I pawned him easily. Near 4am he did the opposite after I helped him made a "hebat" punya mecha.

2. Marvel Ultimate Alliance (First time a fren play and said that it was boring... zzzz)

3. Star Wars Force Unleashed (went nuts with the force but later stopped as it was one player)

Sunday - stopped by at Eve's house to help her out with her powerpoint. Ended up she didn't need my help as it was too complicated. So she scrapped the whole idea and went for something else to surprise her colleagues.

Had dinner with her at Chilis. Too much food! haha... should have ordered less. The bill was staggering, as usual for Chilis. 

Now back home, doing my laundry and preparing to sleep early. It was a VERY busy weekend and tiring too... 

Nites!! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just woke up from a nap starting at 7pm... for more than an hour as I could not take my body's withdrawal from sleep anymore.

I've even learn to calculate how much sleep my body needs after working on my job's crazy shift which is 7am to 4pm (not that crazy if compared with a 24 by 7 days helpdesk). Calculating how much lack of sleep more I can tolerate to the next much needed "extra sleep".

We had badminton today just beside my office, but refused, coz like I've mentioned, I've learnt to calculate how much "requirement" of sleep that my body needs before it breaks.... and when it breaks, even driving home from work the next day is gonna be a challenge (having my eyelids dropping by itself)... as well as having my concentration reduced to a mere 30%... 

So what I do these days is during my 7-4 shifts, I come home looking forward to taking a nap.... As during the nights sometimes I might be washing and ironing my clothes, browsing the web, chatting, etc.... ( I am not a person capable of sleeping before 11.30pm haha)

Anyway, it works... just that might dissapoint some people at office skipping badminton... lol.

Health comes first... sleep is very important... long term lack of sleep can really drive the body haywire, like a bunch of tied up strings in a basket. And soon you might end up falling sick due to the simple fact that you lack sleep.


Anyway, sorry for not updating so long... sorry if I dissapointed you by wasting your time coming here to checkout the page... I really didn't had the mood to type anything, even when this blogger "create post" page is right in front of me.... I would stare at it blankly, turned to another tab and later forget about it. I really don't have the idea to write!! till now....


Friday, March 06, 2009

mission failed

failed to quit smoking due to the recent turn of events at work...

pressure cooking, bad times coming... felt crazy.

so enough... will leave my goal to quit it at a later time. 

just hope the situation won't worsen and things improve. 

Saturday, February 28, 2009

time to update my blog i know it's dead

time to update my blog... as someone told me "it's better to close your blog if you don't update it"... =.=""""" Nyway sorry for making u guys waste your loading time each time coming here to find nothing... just being lazy to update it as I am not so a "happening guy" with much thing to write.

Ok, first thing to announce... I'm hook to this game called Mousehunt in Facebook. Currently a Master level and going strong. It's the first facebook game that I'm ever hook to:

Plan to get Zugzwang's Last Move trap next... full definition of the trap's name:
In the game of chess, Zugzwang is when a player must move into a disadvantaging position
For more info on the game, you can visit the official wiki:

A facebook game that has its own wiki.... how awesome can that be? :O way way advance and deep and I don't think it should just be labeled as a "facebook game" as it is much more than that.

Ok... enough of the game. I know you're not interested in me babbling the whole page about it. Best is you tried it yourself enuff said....

Another confession to make:

I have officially quit smoking.

Ok you may not even know I started it, but I did... since joining BAT last year. So hooray on my well kept secret. Been smoking like 2-3 Dunhill lights. Although it doesn't seem a lot but try do that everyday and see how your lungs feel, how smelly you are, and how your health and energy deteoriates.

Decided to quit for health reasons. I know it is effecting my health at a big cost. So I decided enough is enough.

Latest pics that will be on display on every cigarrete pack out there in Malaysia:

A friend of mine who have caught the pictures up close:

It made me think... really. To those who smoke or have friends who smoke (you should show them these).... what do you feel after seeing the pics above? The first time I saw them I was stunned. Lol... imagine if those were your organs... 

If you smoke, quit. If you don't smoke... don't try it.

That's all for now. Off to bed for work at 7am. Nites and ciao.


Saturday, February 14, 2009


May the day bring u and ur love one a great meaning of being together...

for me, i will be celebrating this day as a single... nyway i will think positive, and not dwell in the negative-ness of being single... :D

this is for all the couples out there jamming the streets, holding hands, and cramming the shops and outlets with sheer numbers, hehe:

honestly, i've never got the chance to celebrate valentine's day with a loved one... maybe one day i will....

happy for those who have found their true love =)


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am back after a long hiatus

Yes, I am back to blogging... one of my long hiatus after CNY...

didn't feel like updating anything, don't have the mood to.

I don't know if i'm feeling depressed or being negative, but recently my mood is really bad...

Things did happen as well (not a relationship, I don't have such luck).

Sometimes I felt what are we living this life for? What is it all about? How come am I feeling so meaningless in it? Too much of work?

4 more days to Valentine's... and seems like it's gonna be a lonely Valentine's.

Ppl tell me I'm being complicated, am I? I don't know... maybe I'm just thinking too much.

I still feel happy at times, like happy being at work, being with friends... But I sort of felt my whole self is changing... being more mature?

So many questions... maybe it's being part of growing up. I don't know.

Pray for me... as it seems I'm on rocky seas now... where I'm going I don't know... I'm lost... in the middle of the wide ocean...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

going back to my home...

i don't really call kl my home...

first start, the people, many of them just sucks...

2nd, my family is staying for 20 years in kuantan...

3rd, i came to kl for the reason that i need to work and earn a living, as there are virtually zero IT jobs in kuantan...

4th, kl is full of pollution, the very air we breathe, the water we drink... everything smells and taste diffrent, ESPECIALLY the FRESHNESS OF THE FOODS...

5th, i am brought up for 20 years in kuantan, i know every corner, turn and road in it... (except those outside my area of exploration but somehow i manage to find the way even if first time...)

6th, there are many other things in kl i hate... not just people... 

7th, there is always plenty of time in kuantan as everything is so near!

8th, my true friends are in kuantan... we've been together for around 8 years and still sticking out for each other.

9th, my mum is in kuantan (ok u are asking why i put this the 9th? haha i love her man, the number doesn't count)

10th, during cny kuantan is da place... not kl. i know no shit about celebrating cny in kl, dunno wat to do!!

11th, there is much history of me in kuantan... so much + and - that have happen... which helped shaped who i am today....

12th, the beach rules... Teluk Chempedak pawns all other beaches in Penang, KL, Port Dickson, you name it every beach on the west coast (except Langkawi and the other islands)

13th, kuantan culture is so much more different then kl... ppl dont treat each other like enemies or competition... they are friendly... they dont have that "kl look" or dress like a "typical kl-ian", they don't give u more stress simply by talking to them... they value friendship... work culture is treating each other nice and not scolding and throw bamboo (seldom unless explode)... 

14th, kuantan has almost everything, u name it malls, cybercafes, 7-11, every major fastfood including the less major such as starbucks, dunkin donuts.... gsc cinemas....

15th, u will love and understand the beauty of kuantan once u live there for a few years. A malay guy once told me when i was working as customer care in Maxis kuantan, that he went the whole malaysia (other states) to survey, only to find kuantan the place he love most. As he migrated from kl with his whole family to settle in a less "crazy" place (that is KL). Whoa! this made me proud when i first heard him say that about kuantan!

nyway, tomorrow i'm heading back to kuantan. pray for my safe journey and i wish all of you a very very happy chinese new year! =) 

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Sunday and in the office...

dunno what to update in my blog. Sigh.

Few things in my mind now:

1. watch IP man... it's a damn good movie. Really. Best kung fu show since bruce lee acted...

More pics taken from

(you can use the above as wallpaper as they are 1280x1080 in size... ^^ )

2. waiting for the next installment of Red Cliff 2 (one of the best movies about romance of the 3 kingdoms in ancient China last time):

Red Cliff 2 ....... o.O

Red Cliff 1 was kinda mind blowing... I bet 2nd will be even better...

**Gonna post my remaining transformers pics in facebook soon... stay tune XD **

Thursday, January 15, 2009

off day...

Off day today... 

yest was bad news... total 165 cases logged... -.-

had to reach 400 by end of tis month... possible? *yawn*

every month is same old story, need to log till 400 then you get spared from "lecture" in the board room aka meeting... 

will try my best lah... can't promise anything. This month's call volume was crazy anyway... non stop in the morning and evening followup all the big cases. 

Helpdesk.... sigh. No wonder so many ppl look down on it. 

What to do... you ought to start somewhere... IT is lidat... (unless you lucky and start at a good position... these days rare... too many of them >.< )

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tony Roma's Sunway Pyramid

Had dinner with a friend to celebrate her belated birthday at Tony Roma today....

The food was pretty expensive but it was good... the menu they had:

I had rib eye steak... it was good, but just barely enough. The management says that the supplier for the beef has slack as it was a new supplier and that the previous had given more portion for raw beef... The waitress talked alot... like ALOT... till it made me uncomfortable =.=... well at least she likes her enthusiasm... yet for me i find the waitress abit too overboard. (c'mon i'm eating here... i don't need a waitress to keep coming to me to keep me entertained... zzz)

Anyhow, I am happy that she had a great dinner. =) As I did not had the time to get her presents and it was already pretty last minute... 

Gonna send her to work near Times Square tomorrow... she do not have transport and I don't want her to get the risk of anything happening by taking public transportation THE FIRST TIME.. >.<>

She is a great friend... and I guess for best is to keep that going... (won't explain how I feel inside of me... ) 

Happy belated Birthday...


(the reason why i keep ppl's name in disclosure is due to privacy and confidentiality concerns... just playing safe here... ^^ )

Sunday, January 11, 2009


i reconciled myself with her yesterday... 

i figure i was in a bad mood, and she forgave me... 

i believe one should always seek for reconciliation.. rather then vangeance or unforgiveness. It will only bear much fruit of suffering, and pain.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

helping a friend...

I went to evelyn's condo yesterday night, to assist her in finishing her exam paper template for the resit students. One of the lecturer in her company left (due to low pay) and she had to fill the void. So in a short notice the principle there gave her the task to redo the exam paper for the failed students (the lecturer that left is the teacher).

She didn't had a laptop, thus I went there and helped her out. Typed for her the whole exam paper (which involves beautician machines etc, steaming, facial paradic etc duno wth am I typing @@ )... we manage to wrap it up at 12 am. Suggested some questions that can be created for the subjective and we took some questions from past papers as well.

She is a beautician at Clara. Got to know her sometime from Roy (which ditched me for some stupid reason and due to jealousy with me going out with her...which is absolutely stupid coz we had been friends for 3 years and he just end it up like that in the name of ego).

She can only quit from the company this August (quitting earlier would involve a high penalty). And she is underpaid. Sigh, companies nowadays, trying to save cost? Thus explains the lack of manpower and she needing to fill in the other person's role.

Hope she can get a good job soon.. will be praying for her.

So people, value the good jobs you have. And those looking for jobs, don't simply sign for one without studying whether is it worth it? as once you are down the floor there is only more commitment... is the pay worth it? The environment? The politics? The people there? The things you learn and do?

You'll only regret much once you get the wrong job. Don't let companies fooled you, they are damn smart asses, especially those that are not making a huge profit in the market. They'll only slice more of what they can from you yet adding you more work.

Life... is never easy once you start working. Zzz...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Letting go fully...

Finally, I have made up my mind to let it go fully...

I feel that there is no point being one sided, loving someone and having the other person ignores you. For me, to experience such a treatment will leave me to ignore the person, once I reached my limit. I have did that few times recently, after knowing a girl, tried my best to ask her out and got ignored. Or in some ways she treated and talked to me like shit... I will proceed to do the same. I have preferences, and will always stick to it.

I have always remembered myself as being a guy, and a guy doesn't need to worry of whether half of the girls in this world rejects him, as there will always be those that will accept him. I believe when the time is right to meet that special someone, there is no need to search... as it will come naturally.

I had enough of being treated like as if I'm not important, being a spare tire, or being ignored. I dislike being treated this way. Girls that take things for granted to continually hurt a guy's feeling (as they thought we are like men of steel, one that doesn't get hurt). I would appreaciate if they could be considerate of our feelings, rather then keep throwing things at us.

Thus, I would be leaving this one behind, as I have mentioned, I will go far away and just dissapear...

Once more... I am single. And will be happy with it. =)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


my latest facebook status:
David is hopeful... had a great day today... thanks to futsal, food and my colleagues!! xD

wow.. facebook is bcoming an absolute must in our everyday lives.. i guess the creator is happily going to the bank everyday ahahha...

I'd say.. it revolutionized what a social portal is... =)

I was sad... and I guess most of my colleagues and close friends knew about it... my blog and facebook explained it much...

But, we have to move on in life... to me life is too short to waste one time being stucked at the word "unhappy"... i believe we ought to be happy, to live to the full and to make use of every time we have...

Such as with the one I "liked"... I know I did mistakes... and I'm sorry. Yet I learnt from it, and there is no point dwelling in the negative past for long. (I confess i still have feelings for her and I  sense she does too... ). And now to treat each other like friends... to be with her as a friend and supporting her is most important...

Time to move on with hope... hope for days that is to come, the year 2009 brings aplenty I feel... and many good things will happen in this year it seems...

Thanks ppl... you know who you are... for supporting me, for being good friends. My heart is filled with gratitude and thanks alot for all the advice and encouragement. You all helped me and built me up... =)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Girls being young...

I never understand how the younger girls think... what they perceived they are... their ideals... I feel like giving up on them. Had enough... I am done trying to understand them anymore...

Crushed... broken... 

I let myself hurt without even knowing what am I hurt by... 

The thoughts that swayed from one extreme to the other... 

The change that comes to them swiftly... 

The immaturity of thinking.

A poem to them:

Young girls think alot...
About themselves, 
Their dreams...
The hansome men they wished to have...
Are they able to reach that goal?
Each of them will try,
To find that perfect guy...
Not knowing that many,
Have fallen to the wrong ones,
Cheated, used and manipulated.
As age grows in them...
They start to see the truth,
Or will they ever see the truth?
The movies, the dramas,
That influenced the way they perceived love,
relationships, and life.
All mixed up with reality like a blender mixing all the juice...
They do not know that when it strikes them one day...
As they age and lost their beauty,
As they slowly get older and when there are less choices...
Finally will they see?
They go along their way...
Hurting the men around them...
Trying out and dumping them like used items.
Is that what love is supposed to be?
Love was once sincere,
pure, honest, and straight from the heart. 
There was no need to look at the outer appearance into the most discreet details...
the hair, the looks, the body all must be perfect?
It all started from our age,
and things continued to get more wrong...
people start giving up hope on love,
settling down at a later age...
What is wrong with our society?
Can't they see the truth?
The reality of things...
That looks and all that charm is all deceiving...
Can't they look at a person at their inner most?
Their character? what makes them them?

I surrender.. surrender myself once more to the abyss of loneliness...
of singlehood...
of being left without a relationship...
as I pray that the world will change...
that people will change their ways...
their whole outlook on life...

A sad ending. An ending that wasn't meant to be. 


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ming Wan grown up...(pics taken 11/10/08)

abit late to post this...

a fren ask and i sort of remembered about this...

Ming Wan is bigger now... so cute... ^_^