Sunday, May 03, 2009


Saturday and Sunday was great.

Saturday - had a full sleep and woke up at 11.30am. Fren came at 3.30pm and we played PS2 till dinner time. Went Auntie Juliete (Kota Kemuning) to eat dinner. Had sphegetti while fren had Chicken Mariland. Next, came back and PS2 till 6am before slept... haha.

Games we played:
1. Armored Core 4 (he couldn't get his hands off the VS mode, had to entertain him fight one on one... which earlier I pawned him easily. Near 4am he did the opposite after I helped him made a "hebat" punya mecha.

2. Marvel Ultimate Alliance (First time a fren play and said that it was boring... zzzz)

3. Star Wars Force Unleashed (went nuts with the force but later stopped as it was one player)

Sunday - stopped by at Eve's house to help her out with her powerpoint. Ended up she didn't need my help as it was too complicated. So she scrapped the whole idea and went for something else to surprise her colleagues.

Had dinner with her at Chilis. Too much food! haha... should have ordered less. The bill was staggering, as usual for Chilis. 

Now back home, doing my laundry and preparing to sleep early. It was a VERY busy weekend and tiring too... 

Nites!! :)

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