Monday, December 15, 2008


Updates since my last update in da blog:

1. car is fixed... finally. Took me a week. From then on I made up my mind firmly to drive slower and safer... resolution came true after a traumatized experience at the police station, insurance and worst of all, the super slow speed of the workshop... (even when it's not my fault and I don't have to pay a cent, I was not able to use my car for that time and it just sucks and time wasting + mum wasn't willing to borrow me her Toyota Vios except once coz it was a late night meeting...zzz)

2. mum was here for a few weeks since came back from Singapore (to visit my eldest sis and niece there). I had plenty of home cooked the home was neater too since she is a neat freak and can't stand even the slightest mess or dirt. 

3. camera phone SE C902. Happy with it, explored most of the phone features and the camera is just awesome for it's tiny size. Lightweight and durable with an extended battery life

4. work... main app FOM was down from Sunday till today Monday. It was madness for 2 days at work with non stop calls. Had to liase with this and that person and it was nuts. Lucky we got it fixed today! woohoo! what an achievement. Many thanks to the team lead Alex who stood by at conference for hours with GSD... 

5. Stucked at home. Since the car was being repaired I was forcefully stucked-at-home (you can calculate the date where I posted the car photo in the previous post till now). I have not went out alone/or with anyone to shop or watch a movie. >.<)

6. Bukit Antarabangsa landslide... One of my colleagues was staying there.... @@. Lucky Theven's house was allright and he is safe. Evacuated from that place and stayed with his relatives (his whole family). His description of it was havoc... everyone evacuating from a dirt road... climbing down slippery steps, unable to drive out from that disaster area... Dirt piled up 200m from his house... thank god for his safety. 

Yea that's all for the updates...

This year seems like it's not a very good year... the opposite actually, with so many weird and unexpected thing happening at the very corner. I look forward to a better year (at least less misfortune happening to me >.<) and building up my career further... 

Thanks for all my friends' support and for being there... you guys and gals meant a lot to me.