Wednesday, July 18, 2007

After much trial and error, I finally tie my first tie... something that I can use for my interviews...

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you...

The Windsor knot

Windsor knot
· n. a large, loose triangular knot in a tie, produced by making extra turns when tying.

As taken from

The Windsor Knot is a thick, wide and triangular tie knot that projects confidence. It would therefore be your knot of choice for presentations, job interviews, courtroom appearances etc. It is best suited for spread collar shirts and it's actually quite easy to do.

While just about everyone can use this tie knot to tie his tie, it looks especially well on men with longer necks as its wide form shortens the perceived height of the neck a little bit.

With the length and the back just right...

Cun? You should try it.

It's not easy...still trying to perfect the skills required to tie a almost-perfect one...


Home and thinking hard

Dunno what happened to the job market... super hard to get a job now (and wondering is my studies in IT all for nothing? not enough technical studies issit?)

each time I head to an interview, it will be about technical skills...

-do you know .net?

-SQL? Oracle?

-the job will be dealing with telco systems such as (...)

-what are your skills in IT?

^above all points to technical.

IT is all about it. Looking back, I realize it was all due to the mistake I did last time in college for not taking up computer science, as I was too scared about it... (programming and such after listening to ppl complain). Thinking back I was really a fool. If I would take the harder path, looking for a job now would be so much easier. (even networking major would be easier to find a job)

So to all IT students who haven't choose their major... always go for a technical major, (networking, comp science, soft engineering etc) Try settling for the easier path and you'll find yourself regretting it
. (multimedia, business IS, information technology etc)

And ya...always go for a good uni(if possible overseas) to complete your studies. Sunway I can testify, is not one of them. APIIT will be the best in Malaysia... Inti and Tar College is kinda good. And others too... I guess the local universities such as UM, USM will be a good place too as they are with a certain value (just make sure you boost your English).

Now I'm at home...hoping at some point some recruiter will take notice of my plus sides and gimme a chance to prove myself. I won't give up so soon... at least not yet.

I know what I am capable of... And I believe one day I will finally get the chance to prove myself.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Updating from home.

I'm free from the job that I so yearned to leave. And finally I am, free at last. It was as if a massive burden release from my shoulders. I could barely describe the horror and chaos that echoes from it. I if, traumatized.

Mum tried arguing that leaving was stupid, but no, even till now I stand with my decision, without regrets. I am happy, free from the agony which held on to me.

Maxis wasn't heaven, it was the opposite. To the point of brink insanity if I were to put it in words. I never thought an organization I regarded so highly could turn to such a pile. Friends who know me will know it's not the end of my words... Words that sounds as if working there was a nightmare, an experience that left a scare on me, wounded, as if a tragic accident happened to me...

Now I'm free, and I don't mind being jobless. I rather be then being in a prison. It may sound as if I am exaggerating, but truly that is how I felt in my heart.

So much is wrong there... to me much can be improve, but it just gets to the point of unbearable. To the point something in me just spark...and soon it's all over.

It is time to Digi.