Monday, December 25, 2006

The most malang day of public transportation

Sigh... so the malangz... today, supposedly take the bus to Kelana Jaya LRT to meet Lumae and her friends in Sg Wang (planned to transit to Bukit Nanas Monorail from Dang Wangi station). I waited at the bus stop for 1/2 hours and SUDDENLY, the bus with the sign 623 flashed back, I was still hesitantly staring at the signboards which are like as small as anak semuts when it just flashed by without stopping... AND YOU ARE RIGHT, IT WAS THE BUS HEADING TO KELANA JAYA LRT STATION, I was like "nOOOOOOOOooooo" all the way in my heart as I know the next bus might take ages to arrive, AND YA, it DID take ages to arrive (This part is caused by the senseless small signs and new bus system, which still rush pass you most of the time unless you wave)....Unfortunetly in the end, I did not have the patience to wait...

Which starts my next chapter of malang-ness... I took the bus to Subang KTM instead and transit from KL Central monorail to Sg Wang, AND GUESS WHAT???? THE STUPID TRAIN HAD TECHNICAL PROBLEMS and the next train will arrive 15 MINUTES LATER!! aHHHH... I'm like how bad can this get? 2 malang happenings with the public transport adi in one day... (I didnt expect worse but the story gets better...)

So ok lor, kena kanasai by the public transport, so what to do, wait lor.. And wait, and wait..then ta-da the train came and as usual took it to KL Central then up to Sg Wang via Monorail...

The next chapter, will be rather my fault but I was really pissed why is always the same signboard that makes u take the wrong train? So okayyy, was at Sg Wang already, then Lumae told me she and her friends are at Times Square theme park and ask me meet her there instead, so ok... paid RM1.60 and headed for the train.... Suddenly in the train, see next station is Raja Chulan!!! Its the opposite direction of where I'm heading which is Imbi!!! o.O Again I was muttering in my heart(Nooo + Aaaa).. So change train and finally! Arrived at Times Square... Sat many rides (she is very very fond of thrill rides, and much more capable in sitting multiple same rides at one go ^^") So it was great yada-yada, had dinner with her and her friends yada yada etc (This story is trying to depict my malangness, so dunwan go off topic ya sorry)..


Heading home, (which was earlier then expected, 8pm to be exact) I sat the usual monorail then transit to LRT.. everything was FINE, really... (except the boredom and the sien-ness of sitting public transport) and caught the usual bus to Sunway at Kelana Station...

And halfway about to reach sunway, the kanasai bus suddenly move so slowly, almost to a crawl... which made all the passengers looked at the driver... which he did stopped at the nearest bus stop at last... And made all of us go down and WAIT FOR THE NEXT BUS, and told us: "Bas sudah rosak, saya kena report bus ni, so tunggu bas yang seterusnya ya.." =.=

So Okayyyy, went down and hope that the bus would come soon... BUT... BUT... stupid mosquitoes was feeding on OUR blood (all of the passengers were seens restless trying to shoo away the mosquitoes)... Reason was a forest was nearby and naturally a breeding ground for mosquitoes.. So FUCK lor... wait damm long like sial knbccb... Wanted to take the taxi back adi but coz of the RM1 that I paid, I rather wait... So wait like hell...

Then the bus 623 came... Ahhhh I thought.. but its not over, the final ending of the story...

When we almost reached Pyramid... IT RAINED. Wasted RM5 bucks taking the taxi home as the rain got heavier...

What a merry day for the public transport in my entire life...

4 happenings in one day, truly a record...

Sunday, December 24, 2006


gonna stick to this template and wont be changing anytime soon... =D (cant find a better XD)

came down yest on a long ride to KL...kinda tiring, and I admire lumae and her 2 friends stella and kirstin going all out to shopping straight away! maybe I'm the one getting old ahahahhaha...

hope this week goes well, might be meeting them and bringing them around KL...


new bleach template

upgrading this to the a new bleach template...kinda cool haha!

hope can find a better one soon ;)

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Dunno how to post this but...sooner or later I have to post it up...

Feeling confuse, in the middle, and dunno where to proceed next...

Have you ever fall for someone, and dunno what to do/say next? I'm in that position.

It feels like a web of complexity that you wished you had not dive into, but as it goes deeper, all you wanna do is know, whether you want to continue, or... just give up and be friends.

I LOVE HER! But I dont know what she thinks about me! I dont know how she wants to continue this! I need to know! Just wanna know what is in her heart!! What the decision she wants to choose!!

Sorry emo post... what to do... sometimes you just gotta blog it.

TC beach, Carolling and Jammin?

TC beach, was the first stop out when I arrived home (of course there are other times when me and eng chuan went out and dota!!! aaahahahhaha mostly we won lol)

Teluk Chempedak, been quite a while. Yet this time around the waves are making it high and kinda scary when you are near it. Went eating lunch with Lumae there... Curry mee! yumyum.. :P and we went a scroll at the beach after that and even sat down at the sands... It was meaningful...

That same night, me and her joined the carolling sessions with my godparents where we went house to house and sang carols.. 12 songs for each house is like WoW!! ahhaha later found out the reason as there are 4 houses ny! so little! Last time I remembered going to 13-14 houses at least each with 4-5 songs! Dunno what happened this time...heard it was Fr. Eugene's order.. hmm what's up with this man actually... he doesn't seem too happy. Sometimes I just hope he knows that administering a church in Klang is very diffrent from Kuantan.... He just have to use his heart more rather then discipline...

Lumae is nice.. well sometimes I gotta admit I'm boring (somehow it just came to me, but I'm glad I came to know about it). After this I hope I won't portray that "boring" image anymore. Ya gotta admit I can "preach" and say as if I'm the "smartest"... Sigh... I gotta change man...

Next was jamming... haha "lead vocalist" konon... ahahahha... Missed out several parts at first coz I didn't know you can "bla-bla" if you dunno the lyrics! Haha! Was cool, had that lin chi kang drink which I dearly missed as I didn't had it for a very long time...

Hope there's more soon! haha I miss times in Kuantan! wee..

what's been happening...

updatesss :D

Monday, December 18, 2006

Looking into the unknowing future...

The unknown of where I'm off to next, but definately a new me. Alot of things to fix as I look back these few days. Knots to be undone and a career to secure.

As my current plans before getting a job:
1. link up with remaining friends, even if it means a few months only (be4 they leave for their studies)
2. finding a part time job if its that hard to get one
3. keep applying for jobs... (keep an eye on the newspapers)
4. not giving up on that someone ^^" (cant avoid typing this ahahaha)
5. loving my mum while she's at home

Daniel's b'day

Passed up the fyp exactly today...

Then slept like so teh uncountious type for an hour... nap zzz. Woke up bath then take public transport to catch Michelle (lime lemon). Was hoping for a great birthday ahead but ended up did not enjoy much of it...

Met her...she had some parking problem (her fren fetched her) and we ended up at Kim Gary and had our "lunch" (it was 5pm lunch :x) and then went shopped for the "gift" and ended up buying a pet (guinea pig, brown and extremely cute for RM38) hehe... we were happy that he was really delighted with the gift.

But what was dissapointing was the fact my ex was there too, and it felt rather strange and awkward. We both were like sitting on separate tables and ignored each other. I was hoping to at least talk or say hi...but it didnt worked out that way. As time passed, I felt so uncomfortable as I didn't know anyone there except Michelle, and it was the same case with her too. (and imagine if I were to follow her car back, Daniel told me she was the one easiest in fetching me back T.T)

Finally, I decided to follow her to clubbing, so we went, ya but was kinda shocked seeing her friends... they are urm.. "really wild".

Had some drinks there and everything was cool(free that's why, someones paying) and nice except the end where.. I had to pay rm35 to take a taxi myself home, reason was? it was not on the way for her friends (I'd rather think that I was not a girl with a hole and that's why they were giving excuses, as according to the taxi driver which was a nice guy who took me back...) Ok, my first and the last of tagging along with her friends... :x

KL life, you get to see it all if you are daring enough, but dont get influenced or you might just throw your whole life away getting spoilt and corrupted. Learn to say no or avoid stuff that are wrong, that's the moral of it.

Still, I regretted whole on whole of not asking who else was going for his birthday... Next time, remember to check the list of friends who are going on a birthday... getting lost there is really... unpleasant.

Planetshakers conference

A friday to look forward to...finally having the project off my hands (due date was today, but somehow ended up passing up on the next day, ahha XD, story below...). So ya was looking forward to the last day of planetshakers concert in sunway. Was rushing my project like mad finishing up the parts that remain.. (you can imagine if I were to tell you after binding it the "book" was like 97 pages). And the thing is, I didn't know we had to pass up 2 copies! So ya I typed everything and complete it at 4.30pm where Roy was already halfway bugging me trying to tell me time is about to run out... :X

Finally, done, ran to the comp lab, printed the first copy and stumbled upon Hui Chin, who was also printing (we had to share the printer adn hers was 67+ pages, well nvm in the end it wasn't her that caused me to pass up the next day). Once done, binded the first copy adn though why not I submit one first.... So happily I walked into SCT and passed it up to the lady in charged and she said (it was already 5.40pm):"I'm sorry but you need two copies, alltogether complete and handed together at once..." Then I mentioned I only had one CD, and asked if she could wait for me to burn the other... she said:"Boy, listen, come back tomorrow, I have a lot of plans today and its friday..." So okayyyy, I have no choice but to take the next day, same with the case of Hui Chin, she forgot to bring another CD T.T

Was sighing when I walked back, was so so hoping to pass it up that day itself, but thank god she said the marks won't be cut(later stumbled upon rajesh and he told me the same thing, it is normal he said..)

So took a quick bath and went for planetshakers, and it was cool. Hving to meet lumae after like, 2 years? lol. She changed a lot, so did I, ahha. Was glad to meet she and her friend, Kirstin (hope I got the spelling right :x). We shopped around and ended up at KFC which I treated them to a dinner. At first it was kinda awkward, but well she's still lumae! ahha.... enjoyed that night...

Planetshakers was always rocking, the song they sang, the jumps they have, the sermons (the pastor was real funny) and got myself a PS T-Shirt, real cool..

On the way back with Roy, stumbled(many people I stumbled today after fyp, o.O) upon Khalil and George who was like... going for a drink! So they said they are waiting for Steven adn invited me and Roy along, since it's been hard for us to go out together after they were all graduates and working in KL... So ya we went to Sri Hartmas (since George said the place sell drinks real cheap..) We practically had to walk around choosing a place to drink!! ahahaha finally settled down at blackhole, ya I was the most drunk among them, was crapping and laughing the most, but it was memorably funny lol...

Finally reached home and slept at 4am =)


hey folks, sorry been away for some time...

some updates here, continuously as now I'm in a Cyber Cafe in Kuantan (due to the fact there's no internet in my house T.T )

life's good here...time to review back and to plan what's gonna happen after successfully finishing my degree.

Let's start updating...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A new leaf

A new leaf, a new beginning.

Life is beautiful, no point being sad over it.

A new day, and I'm over the past. Thanks for still taking me as a friend and as if nothing actually happened.

Yet, I still hope one day I could convince you, till that day comes, I'll treasure our friendship.

I will not give up.

"dont think she lost her feelings. i think she just cannot accept the fact of the past..."

"well...i can understand how she feels..

but if she really cannot accept den juz move on..tat's the best"

^Thanks for my friends who helped me out during these times. =)

i wanna die


how i wish life is easier...what is all this crap going on now... makes me wonder is life worth living. How much it takes to build and how fast things go wrong. Is god testing me? why...

let me just die....

i wanna start a brand new me, look for a good job, stop thiking about girls and earn my fat lumsum of $$$. I had enough.. I dunwan want to start something which ends so fast and friendship....down the drain? sometimes gone...

i feel horrible...

feel like....

banging myself on the wall...

drinking whisky till i die drunked...

jump down the building and let my bones shatter and bleed yet not dead...

and smoke myself to death...

broken, despair...

life sux at this moment... peace out.


is like a bed of thorns and roses,
it is never easy,
yet it is a challenge,
a mountain that needs to be climbed,
if two souls love each other...
Don't give up,
that's what I would say,
to any 2 people who are in love...
As long that love stands,
and holds its meaning,
nothing in this world can break it...
Coz love is the greatest.
-the end-
A brief moment of lost
When you care for someone,
you will feel depressed,
when that person avoids you...
it's worst if you don't know the reason,
of why is it happening.
You'll wonder,
did you do something wrong,
is the person losing the feeling...
towards you...
It is a time of despair,
as if you are losing someone precious...
As if it were all in the moments...

I miss that person today,
I didn't know what happened,
It could be yesterday's conversation...
All caught me by surprise...
all I could do is pray,
that the person would realise,
how much I care for her...
And to open her eyes,
to treasure it,
and to take care of it...
-the end-

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

gone are the days

College week, less then 6 more days to go. How fast the time flies...And I'm leaving this place I call my 2nd home.

Gonna miss all of it.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Learning it all the hard way

Still have 3 more important parts to go in project, and I haven't started Appendix. Gosh.

What a bad example of a good student.

I was once modelled as a good student, by a lot of lecturers, but I'm really dissapointed at myself being this STUPID, stupid coz I didn't manage my time well for it previously. I could have done much better, if I started at least in June, things would be much more easier. I would have just to glance through the project a few times now to check for errrors. But no I didn't, instead I gave myself stupid excuses not to do it, going out with my ex gf during June to September and thinking that it wouldn't matter as I would still have time. Oh how wrong could I be, what a silly boy...wasting time like nobody's business and now 4 days before due date I have like tons to go, and even if I completed them, it would be of low quality. Sigh, really dissapointed.

I was too overconfident, even took note of a senior of mine who said she did it in one month (she's comp science student dammit why didn't I used my brains! Programmers can finish an application much faster then we noobs in BIS). I so so regret of the many mistakes I did during doing this project. Like spending free time in Intel not touching the documentation but being so focus at my work and my work only, and once I left there, everyone forgets me and I'm left with square one....where to look at next? my dumb final year project which I left there like ages. Stupidity...

The application alone, if I were to ask someone (really finding seniors by really contacting them and talk about it) wouldn't I have so much confidence I'm able to deliver a good piece of prototype application months before the due date? Why why did I first think I could complete the coding all by myself, and actually spending 2 months thinking which programming language is better. What was I thinking? There is no way I can complete it by myself... I didn't expect that, I thought I could do it, but I was very very very wrong. I couldn't. It was not like doing some assignment with a one week and you still can finish it. It is not. It is a huge huge project, like its name refers it to. I was dumb, stupid, lack of time management, over expecting myself, wasting time, didn't seriously look into my project earlier, simply believing what people have said, didn't look for help earlier, and lastly, not touching much of my documentation coz I thought that coding comes first. Ya in any godlike way am I gonna finish it.

Dumb. Stupid. Arrogant. Overconfident. Lazy.

I could only use those words to describe myself. And I learnt it all the hard way.

Friday, December 08, 2006

the departed

We always feel guilty of what we've done to the person after they're gone. True, it always happens. Happened to me when my late dad passed away 2 years back in december, around this month.

He wasn't that bad, he didn't smoke, drink or gamble. He provided us with all our needs, he was concern with our well being, our education etc. Yet he has one weakness, it is that he is short tempered, he scolds easily, making us afraid of him at times.

Yet we understood that he was a sick man (maybe sometimes using that sickness to cover up is not the way) and truly we understand (medication can make ppl flare easier). He passed away at 55 years, an age when people still look forward to having white hairs and sitting on a wheel chair and playing chess. Well he didn't got all those, and he even knew he could not last long, so much so he bought a new Vios one fine day without my mum knowing. She was shocked and utter speechless, coz usually he will discuss with her about buying cars, this time he did not. And ya after a few weeks he was gone, due to complications in kidney failure.

Life, we appreaciate less a person who is still alive, especially our love ones. It is till the day that they are gone, then you'll understand how much their presence mean in our lives.

Take my dad, after he was gone, mum kept saying that the house doesn't feel the same anymore, it is so much more quiet without dad. I felt it too, where I don't hear Wah Lai Toi been on everyday, I don't hear someone on that same chair on the corner looking at the TV or reading newspaper anymore. I don't get to talk to him anymore. It all felt rather, strange.

Value and appreaciate your parents. Don't wait till they are gone to do something. Even giving them the best funeral money can buy, won't be able to compare with all the love you can give them while they are still alive.

My family photo^. May you rest in peace dad. A tribute to the man.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

There's a thing about being young

Stumbled upon some of my friend's friends blogs... wow looking at the generation gap, I guess people like us are really getting old, and diffrent! I can't barely imagine how my kids are gonna grow up like one day, and what they'll be when they are older. When I was 17, hmm the things I could remember:

1. Going to school
2. Come back from school, watch tv (seriously I can't imagine life without Astro)
3. Computers are like for games only (no internet, pathetic rite)
4. Read newspaper if really bored and need to catch up with latest news
5. Go out, to those lame shopping malls in Kuantan (visit all KL shopping malls and you'll know what I mean)
6. Go to TC beach (which I still miss till this day, though it'll be bored if you go there everyday)
7. At home? Talk crap with mum debates seek advice and stuff, chatter and mutter with dad
8. Read readers digest? (haha I quit when I was form 4 as my dad stopped ordering and I almost covered all the older issues)
9. Go to church (ahh this is meaningful, started only after form 4, im a convert)
10. Cinema? (like when there is a real good movie my gang is dying to watch for)
11. Badminton (Like once every week in Teo or semambu court)
12. Cycling (Haha still rmbr this one, there was one holiday I was so bored I even cycled to the city a few times, like cars rushing on the opposite side, talk bout adrenaline rush lol)
13. And I didn't even have a GF (only started after 20 in college)
14. I dunno what is internet (like seriously, even email..all I've learnt it after I came to college o_O)
15. Study, like how am I not gonna pass my spm if I don't do so? x.x
16. Hmm wat else, yah, I'm as innocent as a baby

a new blog is born-ed...


Do me a FAVOR k?

visit my fren's blog, she just opend one and need some serioussss trafficc!!! dunwan those nice posts to go unnoticed rite? RITE?? *pokes*

Her Address:
(add if u want to...she's a good writer ;)

Printscreen somemore, ahahaha im nuts:

Andy Lau's movie...

Can't resist to write about this...such heroic enthusiasm as shown in his once again "world class" acting. Andy Lau did it this time, seldom have I've seen him acting in such vigor.

Battle of the Wits

An impressive piece of work. I just love seeing a good movie done and giving credits to it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

15k and plans for freedom.

Ok trying not to tok bout proj then suddenly felt that need to blog this down. Project no of words... 15k.. nuts. I'm so gonna laugh even if its 8k. Gosh 15k. In less the 2 weeks.

I really deserve a fail. Sigh.

Ok dont think negative, smiles back =)


Plans for next week...

1. Pass up fyp no matter wat.
2. Go planetshakers concert
3. Meet up with friends
4. Kbox gathering
5. Meet mum and sis
6. Balik Kuantan.

Ahh.. Cant wait. Hur hur.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The funny thing about love.

Something me and Kelvin chat about quite some time ago...

"I don't understand why we get hurt and all that when falling in love, and yet somehow we still want it!"

Me: "Yah true, it's like we don't mind getting hurt, sleepless nights, arguments and stuff. It's like... in the end it's all worth it."

"Funny... Till this day I still don't understand."


Even I could not comprehend it. Why would people fall in love knowing that it might not last? that you will get hurt in the process, scarred or even traumatised? Yet with it, comes love, warmth, someone to care for you, hope, counsel and lots more.

Is it worth it? To me it is always worth it.

loving someone.

Just wanna say, I love you alot.

Can't believe we both fell for each other.

Yet, truly, I could find no one like you...

Miss you, {someone}.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Sometimes I wonder where life is leading me to? Issit to a good wife one day? a good job? a future with a family? I always ask God, where I am being lead to. Truly I do not know. And there is always that spark of curiousity that you are dying to know. What is going to happen 1 year from now? Will I be happy? or sad? What will I lose? or gain? So much to ask, yet so little we know...

My future ahead of me, to me right now, seems rather blurry and uncertain. I dunno what job will I be getting, who will I be marrying, what will I be doing?

Stuff like that...just keeps me wondering. And wondering...

Dear God, direct my sails...amen.

super tiring wasai

today is truly a tiring day.

can't wait to graduate. Dotz.