Wednesday, December 06, 2006

There's a thing about being young

Stumbled upon some of my friend's friends blogs... wow looking at the generation gap, I guess people like us are really getting old, and diffrent! I can't barely imagine how my kids are gonna grow up like one day, and what they'll be when they are older. When I was 17, hmm the things I could remember:

1. Going to school
2. Come back from school, watch tv (seriously I can't imagine life without Astro)
3. Computers are like for games only (no internet, pathetic rite)
4. Read newspaper if really bored and need to catch up with latest news
5. Go out, to those lame shopping malls in Kuantan (visit all KL shopping malls and you'll know what I mean)
6. Go to TC beach (which I still miss till this day, though it'll be bored if you go there everyday)
7. At home? Talk crap with mum debates seek advice and stuff, chatter and mutter with dad
8. Read readers digest? (haha I quit when I was form 4 as my dad stopped ordering and I almost covered all the older issues)
9. Go to church (ahh this is meaningful, started only after form 4, im a convert)
10. Cinema? (like when there is a real good movie my gang is dying to watch for)
11. Badminton (Like once every week in Teo or semambu court)
12. Cycling (Haha still rmbr this one, there was one holiday I was so bored I even cycled to the city a few times, like cars rushing on the opposite side, talk bout adrenaline rush lol)
13. And I didn't even have a GF (only started after 20 in college)
14. I dunno what is internet (like seriously, even email..all I've learnt it after I came to college o_O)
15. Study, like how am I not gonna pass my spm if I don't do so? x.x
16. Hmm wat else, yah, I'm as innocent as a baby


licia said...

u reli semakin tua leh..
first thinkign bout love love
then later bout marriage.....
now KIDS pulak
but tak sangka... u dunno use internet.. LOL!!! =P jkjk

David said...


dot dot dot...