Wednesday, December 06, 2006

a new blog is born-ed...


Do me a FAVOR k?

visit my fren's blog, she just opend one and need some serioussss trafficc!!! dunwan those nice posts to go unnoticed rite? RITE?? *pokes*

Her Address:
(add if u want to...she's a good writer ;)

Printscreen somemore, ahahaha im nuts:


licia said...

uhuk uhuk.. u can be a marketer liao.. alwiz help ppl promote bloggie =P

David said...

lols. visit la weh. Give face to korkor la

licia said...

herm.. okok... i will.. =) extra sweets? ^_^

David said...


duno when can give u dunno when can see. GOnna graduate soon liao.