Monday, May 26, 2008

work work

yo alex...u come visit my blog too XD

haha i understand... got plenty to learn and u are the strict type.. haha. No worries won't take it personally =) (but do hope u can tone it down XD, coz im not god learning too... )

wanna post up some pics of my workplace soon... hehe might be bringing my camera when the time is right...

missing my frens...last weekend just went to tennis with steven, which now he didn't ajak me go lepak di coz got pretty gf =( ..

roy working in infineon dy... bragging about how good his job is bla bla... ppl first time join big company konon XD

i can say BAT is my 2nd big company, with Intel Cyberjaya being the first. So I wasn't really goo goo ga when i enter BAT. Maxis was big too tho my post was reli small being a customer consultant.

I miss my eldest sis too... being so far in spore... but she's gonna deliver a baby soon coming end of this year =D wanna take lots of pic of him/her (duno yet) I'M GONNA BE UNCLEEE SOON!! AHAHAA...

ppl keep asking me when i'm getting married... hello?!! am I that old??? lol. Gf pun tak dak wan get married ahaha...

reli... i feel i'm getting older... age is catching up. But fate does not force it's way... so we shall wait and see god's plan... lazy to go hee ha over girls nymore zzz...

Life is good... Live it without regrets... =)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

back to blogging

back to blogging... and the first thing to post..

i got a new job... which means stress... lol

working at British American Tobacco... it's a nice place, good colleagues, environment.

Sadly, I started smoking due to the stress, and the fact that everyone there smokes. The toilet, the meeting room and the work area (after 6) is free for smoking. Heck, God i'm so sorry, I will quit when the right time comes (esp after marriage). Taking lights now, no to the regulars as they are heavy with the stuff.

Will update more to rant and release my emos...