Saturday, February 28, 2009

time to update my blog i know it's dead

time to update my blog... as someone told me "it's better to close your blog if you don't update it"... =.=""""" Nyway sorry for making u guys waste your loading time each time coming here to find nothing... just being lazy to update it as I am not so a "happening guy" with much thing to write.

Ok, first thing to announce... I'm hook to this game called Mousehunt in Facebook. Currently a Master level and going strong. It's the first facebook game that I'm ever hook to:

Plan to get Zugzwang's Last Move trap next... full definition of the trap's name:
In the game of chess, Zugzwang is when a player must move into a disadvantaging position
For more info on the game, you can visit the official wiki:

A facebook game that has its own wiki.... how awesome can that be? :O way way advance and deep and I don't think it should just be labeled as a "facebook game" as it is much more than that.

Ok... enough of the game. I know you're not interested in me babbling the whole page about it. Best is you tried it yourself enuff said....

Another confession to make:

I have officially quit smoking.

Ok you may not even know I started it, but I did... since joining BAT last year. So hooray on my well kept secret. Been smoking like 2-3 Dunhill lights. Although it doesn't seem a lot but try do that everyday and see how your lungs feel, how smelly you are, and how your health and energy deteoriates.

Decided to quit for health reasons. I know it is effecting my health at a big cost. So I decided enough is enough.

Latest pics that will be on display on every cigarrete pack out there in Malaysia:

A friend of mine who have caught the pictures up close:

It made me think... really. To those who smoke or have friends who smoke (you should show them these).... what do you feel after seeing the pics above? The first time I saw them I was stunned. Lol... imagine if those were your organs... 

If you smoke, quit. If you don't smoke... don't try it.

That's all for now. Off to bed for work at 7am. Nites and ciao.


Saturday, February 14, 2009


May the day bring u and ur love one a great meaning of being together...

for me, i will be celebrating this day as a single... nyway i will think positive, and not dwell in the negative-ness of being single... :D

this is for all the couples out there jamming the streets, holding hands, and cramming the shops and outlets with sheer numbers, hehe:

honestly, i've never got the chance to celebrate valentine's day with a loved one... maybe one day i will....

happy for those who have found their true love =)


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am back after a long hiatus

Yes, I am back to blogging... one of my long hiatus after CNY...

didn't feel like updating anything, don't have the mood to.

I don't know if i'm feeling depressed or being negative, but recently my mood is really bad...

Things did happen as well (not a relationship, I don't have such luck).

Sometimes I felt what are we living this life for? What is it all about? How come am I feeling so meaningless in it? Too much of work?

4 more days to Valentine's... and seems like it's gonna be a lonely Valentine's.

Ppl tell me I'm being complicated, am I? I don't know... maybe I'm just thinking too much.

I still feel happy at times, like happy being at work, being with friends... But I sort of felt my whole self is changing... being more mature?

So many questions... maybe it's being part of growing up. I don't know.

Pray for me... as it seems I'm on rocky seas now... where I'm going I don't know... I'm lost... in the middle of the wide ocean...