Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wishing you all a very happy Chinese New Year!!

Yay back home in Kuantan, will be back and updating as usual on Saturday.

Here wishing you all Happy CNY!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

When you're sick...

When you're sick,
the world seems dark,
hope seems to diminish,
people starts to avoid you.

Flu, cough, and fever,
they just keep coming.
As a sick man wonders,
when can I be cured?
Much energy drains from his body,
like water draining out,
from a burst pipe.

Yet, do not give up hope,
watever happens,
happens for a reason.
No man can live forever,
so there's no point of fearing sickness and death.
But to pray to the Lord,
will bring much peace to the person.

Do not disregard,
many things when you are ill.
Be attentive even when you are sick,
and you'll discover that,
much won't be lost from you.

Be disciplined,
see the doctor,
eat what is required to heal,
and pray.
Go to work and study if you are able,
never gives excuses,
unless your very mortal body,
could not lift itself off the bed.
For the Lord will not help those,
who do not help themselves.

Thus when the Lord of hosts,
hears you from above,
he'll have pity,
and rescue you from the valley of death.

Be strong,
never give up on hope,
especially on the Lord,
for "he saves those whom he loves."
For even if death were to take you,
rest assured that you belong to him,
in eternal happiness.

-The End-

The Meaning of time

Got this from an e-mail, which I find it true:
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Monday blues...

Woke up, ate breakfast, went with classmate to check whether database books are at the shelf, suddenly went there, "aiyak, forgot to get it for you, will remember tomorrow. Come see me tomorrow it will be here." Monday blues, attending class without doing the exercises in the book, lol. Less work I guess...

Blues aside...here are some neat pictures I got from the net:

Ahhh cute animal pics! XD

Friday, January 20, 2006

What is love?

Got this nice picture from Google-ing:

Seems so true...

Never let go of someone you love once you found it.

And here's another, which seems very true also:

Wishing you the best in your relationships. Hope you'll come to remember the quotes above.

Time to put it into practice...

It's Friday alredi..

Time flies, in another week, I'll be heading home again.

Chinese New Year is reeeeaaaally close. Hope it's a blast. Can't wait for it, since I skipped it altogether last year when my dad passed away.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Went out with Eva, was great! Thannnnks.

We started with Kenny Rodgers first, haha her favourite...

Had a movie called Long Kong. Means Art of the Devil. Omg it was te most gross movie ever. Super grosssss. Blood, gore etc.

Eva is nice really. Glad to know her. Our first meeting where previously we just chatted online. Actually got to know her through a forum call kokorobox.

Wanted to go Redbox karaoke, but ended up we both have to pay RM113 alltogether. It was expensive coming to think that it only last a few hours. So we skipped that, ended up watching the skating rink and chatted a bit till we decided to rest at Starbucks for some drinks.

It was a memorable time.

Looking forward to going out with her again. How sweet she is. =)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Emperor: Rise of Middle Kingdom

Got this game from a friend. Haha such a coincidence. He was borrowing it to a friend, just on the way he stopped by at my room to chat, and well I ended up installing this game, and it doesn't need cd! Wee. And now, I'm officially hooked to it.

There goes my hours in a day...

Here are some cool pics from it:

It's sooooo freaking addictive and cool. Teaches about chinese history also. Real monuments, real emperors etc etc. O.o Wuahahha can't wait to finish all the campaign missions.


A bit of wat has happened...

Well it's the first week, so just brief intro here and there.

Friends, are all busy enjoying their first one week, with most being stucked in front of their PCs XD. Man, wat the world will be like without computers...

K then. That's all for now. Check out Emperor if u got the chance. ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

ahem....let's see..

It's been a while, since I really get hands down and start scribbling words here. Now it's back to blogging, with more pictures, I promise.

Allrite. Since I dont have a webcam or camera etc...(my webcam is "borrowed" to my roomate). So...will post up mainly web photos that I acquire through our best friends, Google and Yahoo!. Hehe. Will find those really cool pics that would be a nice addition to my already dead/lame watever you call it blog.

I got a few cool ones through email recently...and they are really cool...haf a look:

How to make the Olympic Games even more interesting in 2008

Lol, Olympic craze...

Damm how I hope they're real...


let's see if this appears...my latest not up yet, weird.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

back in sunway...update begins...

Wuahahaha...back in sunway my home sweeet home.


Lol, I love sunway man, rocking sial. Home is dull, and boring.

Allrite, down to business, back to blogging as usual, huhuhu.

Gogo sunway...

Gtg now, to Pyramid with friends, hehe. Can't wait, life rocks.

And see you UoP, tomorrow, classes omg omg...(now I remember why I hated sunway the last time, lol)

See u. Take care. Sayonara friends!