Thursday, January 26, 2006

When you're sick...

When you're sick,
the world seems dark,
hope seems to diminish,
people starts to avoid you.

Flu, cough, and fever,
they just keep coming.
As a sick man wonders,
when can I be cured?
Much energy drains from his body,
like water draining out,
from a burst pipe.

Yet, do not give up hope,
watever happens,
happens for a reason.
No man can live forever,
so there's no point of fearing sickness and death.
But to pray to the Lord,
will bring much peace to the person.

Do not disregard,
many things when you are ill.
Be attentive even when you are sick,
and you'll discover that,
much won't be lost from you.

Be disciplined,
see the doctor,
eat what is required to heal,
and pray.
Go to work and study if you are able,
never gives excuses,
unless your very mortal body,
could not lift itself off the bed.
For the Lord will not help those,
who do not help themselves.

Thus when the Lord of hosts,
hears you from above,
he'll have pity,
and rescue you from the valley of death.

Be strong,
never give up on hope,
especially on the Lord,
for "he saves those whom he loves."
For even if death were to take you,
rest assured that you belong to him,
in eternal happiness.

-The End-


daniel said...

bonjour david
que Dieu te bénisse
daniel catholique France

roy said...


when ur sick, u eat medicine. nuff sed.

David said...

roy...go look at the wall.