Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Days to remember. The rise of Switchfoot.

I wonder why shits happens, well sometimes they happen for a reason. The few days back have leave a silent mark in my life. Something about me just stirs me to change. To change for the better. To speak less, make less mistake. To take care of the feelings of others. To be concern about how others feel, rather than always trying to feel good, to laugh for no reasons. I look at myself, staring hard at my faults, and all my faults are right there in front of me, like rubbish that needs to be clean up. I'm bringing in the whole truck to get rid of the rubbish. It's time to take care of my words, each words that might mean so much to a person. Each action that might spark controversy, hatred, unforgiveness, insult etc.

"A man who speak quickly is off to destroy himself..."

Got that from somewhere, so indeed will make much effort to take care of my words.

It's hard to change a person. It's even harder to change yourself. It takes time and effort. But I have changed in the past. So I must change this time.

Ok back to some other less saddening story...

SWITCHFOOT? Anyone? I'm hooked to it.

For more info go to www.switchfoot.com

A little bit of info, they used to be a full christian band, yet after they became famous coz of the latest Spider Man OST hit, they turn towards more contemporary songs. More for the public, yet without losing their essense of positiveness and secret lyrics about their faith. Easy for us Christians to see what they're trying to convey, but non christians can interpret it as other meanings, making their songs much more flexible than before. Rather than having it sold only on Christian bookstores, it is now sold everywhere in every music department. Good music, positive lyrics, bearing witness to God as well, in a more acceptable way to the audience.

Good try Switchfoot! Your latest album Nothing is Sound, is great! Keep it up.

Here's a lyric of my favourite, from the album, Nothing is Sound, call The Setting Sun

The Setting Sun
by Switchfoot

(Hey, hey,)

Yeah, Yeah (Yeah!)

Yeah, Yeah (Yeah!)

I've got a wound that doesn't heal,
Burning out again,
Burning out again

I've not sure which of me is real,
And I'm alone again,
Burning out again

My hope runs underneath it all,
The day that I'll be home

It won't be long, I belong,
Somewhere past the setting sun

Find me free, find me strong,
Somewhere back where I belong

Yeah, Yeah, (Yeah!)
Yeah, Yeah, (Yeah!)

Something shared with me again,
But I'm not buying it,
I'm not buying it

My wound goes deeper than the skin,
There's no hiding it,
So I'm not trying it

My hope runs underneath it all,
The day that I'll be home,

It won't be long, I belong,
Somewhere past the setting sun,
Find me free, find me strong,
Somewhere back where I belong

Yeah, Yeah, (Somewhere past the setting sun!)

Yeah, Yeah, (Yeah!)

Yeah, Yeah, (Going back where we belong!)

Yeah, Yeah, (I'll find you,)
(The setting sun!)

Let the weak say I am strong, and it won't be long,
Let the rat say I was wrong, and it won't be wrong,
Let us find where we belong,
Beyond the setting sun,
Beyond the setting sun

Yeah, Yeah,

It won't be long, I belong,
Somewhere past the setting sun,
Find me free, find me strong,
Somewhere back where I belong

Yeah, Yeah (Yeah, Yeah!)

Yeah, Yeah (Yeah, Yeah!)

While from the old album, Twenty-Four

by Switchfoot

Twenty-four oceans
Twenty-four skies
Twenty-four failures
And twenty-four tries
Twenty-four finds me
In twenty-fourth place
With twenty-four drop outs
At the end of the day

Life is not what I thought it was
Twenty-four hours ago
Still I'm singing
'Spirit, take me up in arms with You'
And I'm not who I thought I was
Twenty-four hours ago
Still I'm singing
'Spirit, take me up in arms with You'

There's twenty-four reasons
To admit that I'm wrong
With all my excuses
Still twenty-four strong

See, I'm not copping out
Not copping out
Not copping out
When you're raising the dead in me

Oh, oh
I am the second man
Oh, oh
I am the second man now
Oh, I am the second man now
And you're raising these...

Twenty-four voices
With twenty-four hearts
All of my symphonies
In twenty-four parts
But I want to be one today
Centered and true
I'm singing
'Spirit take me up in arms with You'
You're raising the dead in me

Oh, oh
I am the second man
Oh, oh
I am the second man now
Oh I am the second man now
And you're raising the dead in me

I wanna see miracles
To see the world change
Wrestled the angel for more than a name
For more than a feeling
For more than a cause I'm singing
'Spirit, take me up in arms with You'
And you're raising the dead in me

Twenty-four oceans
With twenty-four hearts
All of my symphonies
With twenty-four parts
Life is not what I thought it was
Twenty-four hours ago
Still I'm singing
'Spirit, take me up in arms with You'
I'm not copping out
Not copping out

Can't find the MIDI version though, sadly. Well if I do will post it up here...

Now back to my third year revision.


Monday, August 29, 2005

A poem about friendship


Friendships are like a journey,
We travel together side by side,
To comfort, ease and help each other.
I once believe that all friendships can last forever,
Well how wrong could I be,
Indeed some friends would one day be gone,
Into their own roads that each has chosen.
Yet, I believe close friends last forever,
They are like pearls that you will never...
ever find another...
Each is diffrent,
Each is a treasure...
I have so far in my life,
Only found a handful of them,
And yet I treasure each of them,
As I know I can never ever replace them.
I would rather lose all friends,
And only have them with me...
For they are something as important,
As my own dear family members...
What is friendship?
Friendship is about a relationship with the other...
A relationship that calls us,
"Not to love the perfect person,
but to love the imperfect person perfectly."
It is about two persons accepting each other,
And loving each other without seeing the other persons faults,
weaknesses, race, religion, culture etc...
I would rather not lose a friend,
Even if it means that he is wrong,
And I say the first words of apology to him.
Friendship is not relationship,
Where two person constantly face each other,
Rather, friendship is about walking side by side...
Together into the light in front of us.
How beautiful are such friendships,
Which are genuine, long lasting and true.
Will we ever find such friendships?
Indeed if we try hard enough,
And make ourselves lovable and acceptable to others,
I'm sure we all will never live,
To have no friends in our life,
But rather a life full of interesting friends,
Who wil be in our memories always.
~The End~

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Just here to say sorry to Ben. I lost my cool. And I do admit what you said is right.

Will be on my way to change the bad things that you have written about me there in your blog. You're right, I myself know myself better than anyone else, and it is my fault really. Thanks for telling me those things from your heart.

That's what I really need, people to tell me and to let me know my faults. I appreciate it.

I'm not perfect, and certainly I do have many flaws, even sometimes me myself failing to see it when it appears so many times, espcially when I am with you guys, my close pals.

I have been blinded by my own self, my own pride, vanity and selfishness. I vow to change, no matter what, these flaws that have gain a stronghold in my life.

Thanks for telling me Ben. I know I have been a a-hole, weirdo, lamenoid whatever you call it. You do know my condition rite? Well, it's time I stop taking that as an excuse and change myself, stop acting stupid, lame and trying to be funny.

Sorry for that post. It was stupid.

Well that's all I have to say, well even if from now on we dont speak, I don't blame you. I deserve it. This is my second crisis with a friend, a close friend who later avoided each other. That's it for me, a huge change coming over myself and attitude.

Off to my bed now, and off to a new start, a new leaf.

Friday, August 26, 2005

What's wrong with these people?

Why? What's wrong with them? Can't they forgive small mistakes that people make? Why must they see every thing as if it is important?

Take yesterday, I used to go out with two of my close friends, and one of them just pissed me off real hard. I mean, did I did something that wrong to deserve this? To deserve guilt? Come on, it's just dota, and he says he will only gimme once more chance left and also with his middle finger. Gosh!! Such vanity. Can't he just look it as some small game? Why, just because I took over his place during dota and said "even dave here also cannot help liao". It's just one sentence. And this friend also, the one that went out with us, can't he just not repeat the thing again? Why must he says "You sold my back off dave". Wtf? Just a game, well can't they admit they are noobs in dota? I used to admit myself as one, why can't I now tell the others that he is a noob? Is that wrong? To speak the truth that doesn't hurt? Or does it? So? What so great if you are otherwise? Or noob? Does it make a diffrence in real life? Just a game come on...

I didn't speak with him after that, he was even rude enough to throw leaf at me that he picked up from a tree. I was still polite enough to say "don't la...". Man enuff! I had enough tolerating with such people, who they think they are? Datuk son is it? Even datuk son also I don't give a fu*k...

Well, I will wait for him to talk to me first, no more that goodie goodie friend who always talks even when I know I'm innocent. And no more dinner with him, even if he's my roomate. Who the hell cares? They both can eat alone from now on...

A morale I learn in life, sometimes people are just too serious, and if they can't take such small jokes or mistakes, that we as human at this age constantly make, then forget about making friends with me, I dislike such people, I call them SENSITIVE, OVER SENSITIVE, hear me?

This is the fourth time such an incident occured between me and him, and no more another, even if he gives me a chance, who is he to give chances? God?

That's it, I'm pissed, and my close friends know me well enough when someone crosses my borders...THEY ARE CONSIDERED DEAD AS A FRIEND TO ME.

Period. Peace-out.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

3rd year is the toughest time in my life here in Sunway

It's so hard, I'm barely breathing now, holding on to the rope that would continue to carry me to the other side, the side where I would one day graduate and obtain my degree. I'm struggling, for a good cause. I must pass through this, no matter what, no matter how, no matter what it takes. It is not called third year for no reason, it is tough, tougher than what I expected, but it's worth it, it's my passport to a better future.

God, help me now through my struggles, I need you more than anything now, especially in managing my time. Gimme the strenght that I need to go through this challenging times.

Reminds me of this picture:

Lol. Simpson, ha-ha. That lighten me up a bit there.

Gosh, I have so so much things to do within this term, 3 months time is much less thatn what is truly needed for us. Sooooooo short!!! Sigh, how I wish this will end quickly.

Wish me luck, let's hope I can get through this...

Allrite, for the bright side, putting studies aside, yah! I am now officially a Chelsea supporter. Yee-haw, wil be reading up more about them...

CG tomorrow, and will be pretty busy setting up the annual mass for Saturday starting tomorrow. Let us all from LOTN hope it will turn up great!!

Here's the flyer:

That's all folks! ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Getting ready up for my studies...

Things to do today:
1.Go for lunch
2.Going to library, spending at least 2 hours there looking for journals(required for final year project)
3.Coming back, maybe some DoTA with my roomie Roy
4.Off to swimming
5.Going for dinner
6.Revising my studies, reading through the printed notes
7.DoTA, anyone? lolz

Seems like an interesting day. DoTA has become the part of many lives here in Sunway Apartment-Condo.

Listening to Switchfoot, which was recommended by Roy, had no idea who they were previously. Nice album, Christian band who proclaim Jesus silently in the music, making it more suitable for the public.

Seem to have a bit of a problem with Ben, maybe I should treat him more seriously, he seems to dislike me this day, maybe for my "craziness" in the hostel sometimes, can't help it as sometimes I do act funny, lol. Well, have to learn that some people can't take such jokes or fun, and rather they would look at you as weird, so it's time to grow up and these things behind, time to be a man rather than a kid, which is what Roy and Ben said I am all the time. Well, they're both my closest friend around, not to forget Khalil too of course...

Aiight, going to lunch soon I guess with Roy, see ya peeps!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Internet connection sucks

Have not been updating coz the connection here in the hostel is way too laggy.

So what happened? Nothing much. Weekend was about staying back playing Dota and going to pyramid with my friend Roy. After which on Sunday we went to watch Chelsea vs Arsenal game. It was exciting, and Chelsea won by a lucky and suprising goal. The crowds were really into the game at Jaafar.

Not to forget having a few glimpse of my friend Ben watching Hillsong's live concert on CD. I wonder when can we Catholics become as such, answer seems to be "never". They are so lively are so into the praise and worship, and it is really good indeed.

^Hillsong's Concert

I'm thinking of supporting a club, either Chelsea or Arsenal. I'm not into Man U, too many are into it. Need to do some research I guess.

Going to class soon at 9.30am. All of my classes this term are only in the morning, but Miss Sherly my co-ordinator has said it's gonna be tough although we only take 3 subjects in UoP this term. Yet, I'm up to the challenge, the Lord will bless me with his abundant providence to preservere through this.

That's all for now. Ciaoz.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I am up for the challenge in UoP

My final year is here, and after much discussion with my parents, sister and also my friends, not forgetting the seniors, I have finally decided to go for University of Portsmouth Business Information Major. It's just not safe for me to enter some local college degree, known as E-Business offered by SYUC(Sunway University College).

Yet, the lecturers and Sherly, the co-ordinator was encouraging us to take e-business. They were like trying to market some sort of product to us. I feel like they were trying to brainwash us into buying this concept of E-Business, which is offered to us BIS students. The problem is...very critical actually. You see, E-Business is only implimented this year. And we do not have any graduates from it yet. If it were to have started like 5 years ago, I wouldn't mind joining it as I could use my seniors as reference, asking questions such as are they able to secure a good job.

It's not a small matter. It's the future, my future and the investment which my parents will make. I am just not to sure of taking up e-business. It is sort of unconvincing for me. What if we as the first batch of students can't find any jobs in big companies later on coz they don't recognize the certificate. What if they ask questions like:"What is this E-business offered by SYUC? I have never heard of it before." What am I gonna asnwer them to convince them that this certificate is approved and well known? I know it is LAN accredited and approved. But spending like more than RM40K at least for this degree is not something to fool around with.

I have make my stand. And will not waver. I rather resit and resit to complete this than going something that I'm not sure with. UoP failure rate is high, but to who all this failure happens to? Students that have not put enough effort to it of course, period.

Wishing all my luck and blessings on all UoP students and all taking it this term. Work hard and never say you'll fail. Even if you do, do not give up but keep trying.

That's all.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

a day to remember in Sungai Wang Plaza

Omg, I overspent like till RM80 just gone in a day. What am I gonna do?? Arggghhhh...

Darn, have to start saving for this two weeks. Spending too much will make my mum kill me...

That's all. Good nitez. Short entry here, lol.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A story that goes out to a friend

What is chatting? Online chatting? Do people view it seriously? Is it like a phone number that you exchanged between two persons? N-O-O...those people that said that are from "old school". Hear me?? You are so off your time gal, go update yourself.

The story goes like this:
This friend came into my room and said he wanted to intro this UK girl to me so he typed her address into my msn so he added her la. I was reluctant, but he hesitated, so no choice, fine...Then I started chatting with her, and she was like shocked to see how I got her address. So this friend asked me to lie, say:"He went out, I came into his room and saw his comp on, so I added your address." So ok, I did what he said. And she was like pissed and already showing disinterest in talking to me. So she even told me she was busy chatting with a friend(bullshit).

So next, this friend told me to tell her he came back and immediately she ask him to talk to her on MSN. So I played along and they chatted. I was waiting so long for her reply, and then I went to his comp(his room outside) and read things which really hurt me, "Don't do that again! Don't let other people add me!" and "If he was so sneaky to do that to you, what else is he hiding?".

Fine! I was really pissed. I went to my comp and explained everything in TRUTH to her. And damm, it didn't get better, she just freak out even more with all the "!" and was trying to show like "Oh, I'm a celebrity, how did you get my contact??!!". Fine! I just wanna be friends for my roomate's sake and she even told me "I am just hearing stories from both sides!". And This roomate, who wanted to end it, did something really stupid which was blocking and then deleting her from my MSN contact. He has more strenght and was really forceful, grabbing my hand and took over the mouse and keyboard and did it, without giving us more time of developing a friendship, so FINE! Delete her, like I care! Go shove your strenght somewhere whey!!! You think you are stronger so you always use force is it???

Done. That is the story. And I don't care a damm of what is going to happen between three of us. Because of some !#$#%^ brainless women whom I trusted him coz he said "she is pretty" and stuff. So you be the judge, and tell me who is wrong.

It's a place to make online friends too, even those you haven't met before. So what if you don't like the person? You just freaking block him or her and just delete the !~#!#$% contact lar!!! Common sense rite? But some people are just soooo conservative....like I said: OLD SCHOOL.

These people should get a life. They are just people who don't know what a MSN Messenger can do. IT-illiterate.

Yup I'm angry. Very...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Incomplete- Backstreet Boys

"Incomplete"- Backstreet Boys
(midi running on background)

Empty spaces fill me up with holes
Distant faces with no place left to go
Without you within me I can’t find no rest
Where I’m going is anybody’s guess

I’ve tried to go on like I never knew youI’m awake but my world is half asleep
I pray for this heart to be unbroken
But without you all
I’m going to be is incomplete

Voices tell me I should carry on
But I am swimming in an ocean all alone
Baby, my babyIt’s written on your face
You still wonder if we made a big mistake

I’ve tried to go on like
I never knew youI’m awake but my world is half asleep
I pray for this heart to be unbroken
But without you all I’m going to be is incomplete

I don’t mean to drag it on, but I can’t seem to let you go
I don’t wanna make you face this world alone
I wanna let you go (alone)

I’ve tried to go on like
I never knew youI’m awake but my world is half asleep
I pray for this heart to be unbroken
But without you all I’m going to be is incomplete



Sunday, a day to remember

Sunday, it comes and it goes. Next moment will be Monday, worst day of the week.

Darn, I hate Mondays. It sucks.

^Reason why Garfield hates Monday

Classes start tomorrow, third year degree. I am doomed to face it, no more running, it is unescapable. I am doom, doom to face the toughest moment in college.

Am I scaring myself? Nopez. It is the fact...I must put all the effort and time into it. God will help me, and I'm sure I can go through it.

I need that someone, I wonder where is she? Will we meet someday? Again this question haunts me...I am not desperate, it's that longing for a partner in life. Yet I will be patient till the end, the line is in front of me, I know I am going to reach it soon, when? I have no idea, God only knows.

I feel I'm getting older. And as I do, thoughts of getting a job and obtaining a degree is like ever reminding. And as well as getting a girlfriend. Darn, can I please stop it. Just stop. Period. I always tell myself that, when I am going after a girl. I have priorities, and I had enough of damaging friendships, scaring a girl away, growing distant with them, just because? Simple, telling that I love them. Well now I understand why..STOP BEING THE HUNTER. Girls are just afraid of guys who get to desperate over them. If things don't work, no matter you put how much effort into it, it just won't.

But I'm not giving up on love. I still have a long way. I'm still young. 20 years is "young" for a man. Have faith in myself.

Sad entry, but true feelings from my heart.

Guess that makes my post.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yesterday's CG was great!

Three words: It was great.

That are the words to describe it.

Well, I read a friend of mine who described the cg meeting last night...and I don't blame her for writing such things. I was once a newbie there at the cg in LOTN. But, I slowly learn not to get into the group, but rather, to accept them adn myself in it. And getting into the group is not important, it is about serving the Lord.

Naturally, after a few months journeying with Elsie, Ella, Meity, Kenneth, Prita, and also the others, I got to know them really well, especially Kenneth. More members came in, and our cg multiplied into the multitudes, from a handful of less than 7 people growing into the enourmous amount of more than 30 people in LOTN(Light of the Nations). Extraordinary people came in, and I really thank God for these people. People such as Julius, Surya, Esther, Jo, and not forgetting the others which I my mind can't seem to cross now. They are commited leaders of LOTN. Our cg is still growing, and we need such people to shepherd the sheeps. True we are all leaders, but sometimes there is a need to appoint servants that would be the leader, yet serving most as well. I might be one some day, if it is by God's providence.

I am glad to be part of it, even when the majority are Indonesians. We are one big family regarding the diffrence of race and origin. They are mostly nice people. Just that sometimes I don't understand what they speak, still learning, still learning... :p

Alrite, about yesterday's cg, it was something diffrent, we had an awesome but diffrent sort of praise and worship, something personal, intimate with God. We sang hymms and rather simple songs which really touches the core of our hearts. Rather the the normal songs that are chosen, it was great to have something diffrent, but rather interesting...

God bless our Light of the Nations! Cheers...

Lifeline's website(LOTN is part of Lifelife-College and Young Adults Ministry)

"And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make
you fishers of

Today- Saturday
Woke up on hour ago, and well I finally
had some gooood rest. And to
Janice! Sorry, I can't change the
template anymore, or all of my codes will be gone...hehe such a coincidence both
of us are using the same template. I like the lighthouse concept, which reembles
some sort of house/hut, somewhat suits the name Dave's Boulevard.

Listening to the radio these past few days. Hehe was smart enough open
my foldable table which I have left aside to put it on top of it. Now it's
working fine. Have some portal to the outside world now, rather than listening
to those pirated MP3s and WAV files. Radio and music definately, rules.

I miss the TV, yet I love the fact I'm abstaining from it, saving me so
much time. But now I have another temptation, the computer!!! Argghh, it is one
huge big piece of something as delicious as ice-cream in front of me!!! Lol.
Nah, as long I don't surf or play games too much. Hehe...

Ok now, gotta
check my mails, do my stuff and well, what else is there to do, than thise huge
piece of ice-cream in front of me? Heh, indulge in it! haha...before my classes
starts that is...

Wow, one long blog, omg omg...

Friday, August 12, 2005

Speed of Sound

Coldplay- Speed of Sound (midi version- background)

Here's the link to download:


Speed of Sound- Coldplay

How long before I get in
Before it starts before I begin
How long before you decide or
Before I know what it feels like
Where to, where do i go?
If you never try then you'll never know
How long do i have to climb
Up on the side of this mountain of mine

Look up, I look up at night
Planets are moving at the speed of light
Climb up, up in the trees
Every chance that you get is a chance you seize
How long am I gonna stand
With my head stuck under the sand
I start before I can stop or
Before I see things the right way up

All that noise and all that sound
All those places I have found
And birds go flying at the speed of sound
To show ya how it all began
Birds came flyin from the underground
If you could see it then you'd understand

Ideas that you'll never find
All the inventors could never design
The buildings that you put up
Japan and China all lit up
A sign that I couldn't reador a light, that I couldn't see
Some things you have to believe
When others are puzzles, puzzlin me

All that noise and all that sound
All those places I have found
And birds go flying at the speed of sound
To show ya how it all began
Birds came flyin from the underground
If you could see it then you'd understand
Oh when you see it then you'll understand

All those signs I knew what they meant
Somethings you can't invent
Some get made, and some get sent
Earth's gone flying at the speed of sound
To show ya how it all began
Birds came flyin from the underground
If you could see it then you'd understand
Oh when you see it then you'll understand

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I need Sunway, life here is....

Ok imagine this...

You have everything, food, money, house etc....

But you lack one thing...


Gawwwwwd, I need to go back...save me....

All my friends here have flew everywhere, you name it and they are there...UKM, MMU, Taylors, blah blah...

I miss them, I need them to kill my boredom here...

I am soooo bored and out of good books to read till I had to read "Cathechism of the Catholic Church". Can u imagine? Hehe but it's a good read, deep, complicated, but interesting, nice, just what I need....

After finishing the dating books, learned a lot...well conclusion after reading:

And if I do go for it, consequences well...you know and I know...:p Financial, parents, time, studies...everyday things a "student" need to face in a relationship.

My mum always tell me these:

"Patience will pay you back one day..."

"When you work, then find one..."

"Relationships don't last when you are studying, even if they do, it is rare..."

True, will hold on to these words...

Life as it is


Life is inspiring, exciting, beautiful,
And awesome as well,
God in all His wisdom,
Created something as wonderful as Life,
Truly in all his magnificence,
He created it for a reason,
That is to share His love with us,
Not only to multiply and spread and to subdue the earth,
But as well as to love him for who he is.
Sadly man have gone to the extremes,
Destroying Life,
And not returning it back...
Countless lives...
Suffering in pain, poverty and hunger...
'Coz we forgot about the Creator,
Who created all things,
Because He love us...
If we just take the time,
To think of Him in each of our actions,
plans, thoughts and desires,
Then this world would be a better place to live in.
But it's not too late,
To fear Him and to do good,
Even as one person,
It is good enough...
For it is not how much we do,
But it is how much effort and intentions we put to it...
The End.

*A dedication to Mother Earth.