Thursday, August 18, 2005

I am up for the challenge in UoP

My final year is here, and after much discussion with my parents, sister and also my friends, not forgetting the seniors, I have finally decided to go for University of Portsmouth Business Information Major. It's just not safe for me to enter some local college degree, known as E-Business offered by SYUC(Sunway University College).

Yet, the lecturers and Sherly, the co-ordinator was encouraging us to take e-business. They were like trying to market some sort of product to us. I feel like they were trying to brainwash us into buying this concept of E-Business, which is offered to us BIS students. The problem is...very critical actually. You see, E-Business is only implimented this year. And we do not have any graduates from it yet. If it were to have started like 5 years ago, I wouldn't mind joining it as I could use my seniors as reference, asking questions such as are they able to secure a good job.

It's not a small matter. It's the future, my future and the investment which my parents will make. I am just not to sure of taking up e-business. It is sort of unconvincing for me. What if we as the first batch of students can't find any jobs in big companies later on coz they don't recognize the certificate. What if they ask questions like:"What is this E-business offered by SYUC? I have never heard of it before." What am I gonna asnwer them to convince them that this certificate is approved and well known? I know it is LAN accredited and approved. But spending like more than RM40K at least for this degree is not something to fool around with.

I have make my stand. And will not waver. I rather resit and resit to complete this than going something that I'm not sure with. UoP failure rate is high, but to who all this failure happens to? Students that have not put enough effort to it of course, period.

Wishing all my luck and blessings on all UoP students and all taking it this term. Work hard and never say you'll fail. Even if you do, do not give up but keep trying.

That's all.

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