Friday, August 26, 2005

What's wrong with these people?

Why? What's wrong with them? Can't they forgive small mistakes that people make? Why must they see every thing as if it is important?

Take yesterday, I used to go out with two of my close friends, and one of them just pissed me off real hard. I mean, did I did something that wrong to deserve this? To deserve guilt? Come on, it's just dota, and he says he will only gimme once more chance left and also with his middle finger. Gosh!! Such vanity. Can't he just look it as some small game? Why, just because I took over his place during dota and said "even dave here also cannot help liao". It's just one sentence. And this friend also, the one that went out with us, can't he just not repeat the thing again? Why must he says "You sold my back off dave". Wtf? Just a game, well can't they admit they are noobs in dota? I used to admit myself as one, why can't I now tell the others that he is a noob? Is that wrong? To speak the truth that doesn't hurt? Or does it? So? What so great if you are otherwise? Or noob? Does it make a diffrence in real life? Just a game come on...

I didn't speak with him after that, he was even rude enough to throw leaf at me that he picked up from a tree. I was still polite enough to say "don't la...". Man enuff! I had enough tolerating with such people, who they think they are? Datuk son is it? Even datuk son also I don't give a fu*k...

Well, I will wait for him to talk to me first, no more that goodie goodie friend who always talks even when I know I'm innocent. And no more dinner with him, even if he's my roomate. Who the hell cares? They both can eat alone from now on...

A morale I learn in life, sometimes people are just too serious, and if they can't take such small jokes or mistakes, that we as human at this age constantly make, then forget about making friends with me, I dislike such people, I call them SENSITIVE, OVER SENSITIVE, hear me?

This is the fourth time such an incident occured between me and him, and no more another, even if he gives me a chance, who is he to give chances? God?

That's it, I'm pissed, and my close friends know me well enough when someone crosses my borders...THEY ARE CONSIDERED DEAD AS A FRIEND TO ME.

Period. Peace-out.