Sunday, August 14, 2005


Sunday, a day to remember

Sunday, it comes and it goes. Next moment will be Monday, worst day of the week.

Darn, I hate Mondays. It sucks.

^Reason why Garfield hates Monday

Classes start tomorrow, third year degree. I am doomed to face it, no more running, it is unescapable. I am doom, doom to face the toughest moment in college.

Am I scaring myself? Nopez. It is the fact...I must put all the effort and time into it. God will help me, and I'm sure I can go through it.

I need that someone, I wonder where is she? Will we meet someday? Again this question haunts me...I am not desperate, it's that longing for a partner in life. Yet I will be patient till the end, the line is in front of me, I know I am going to reach it soon, when? I have no idea, God only knows.

I feel I'm getting older. And as I do, thoughts of getting a job and obtaining a degree is like ever reminding. And as well as getting a girlfriend. Darn, can I please stop it. Just stop. Period. I always tell myself that, when I am going after a girl. I have priorities, and I had enough of damaging friendships, scaring a girl away, growing distant with them, just because? Simple, telling that I love them. Well now I understand why..STOP BEING THE HUNTER. Girls are just afraid of guys who get to desperate over them. If things don't work, no matter you put how much effort into it, it just won't.

But I'm not giving up on love. I still have a long way. I'm still young. 20 years is "young" for a man. Have faith in myself.

Sad entry, but true feelings from my heart.

Guess that makes my post.

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