Monday, August 29, 2005

A poem about friendship


Friendships are like a journey,
We travel together side by side,
To comfort, ease and help each other.
I once believe that all friendships can last forever,
Well how wrong could I be,
Indeed some friends would one day be gone,
Into their own roads that each has chosen.
Yet, I believe close friends last forever,
They are like pearls that you will never...
ever find another...
Each is diffrent,
Each is a treasure...
I have so far in my life,
Only found a handful of them,
And yet I treasure each of them,
As I know I can never ever replace them.
I would rather lose all friends,
And only have them with me...
For they are something as important,
As my own dear family members...
What is friendship?
Friendship is about a relationship with the other...
A relationship that calls us,
"Not to love the perfect person,
but to love the imperfect person perfectly."
It is about two persons accepting each other,
And loving each other without seeing the other persons faults,
weaknesses, race, religion, culture etc...
I would rather not lose a friend,
Even if it means that he is wrong,
And I say the first words of apology to him.
Friendship is not relationship,
Where two person constantly face each other,
Rather, friendship is about walking side by side...
Together into the light in front of us.
How beautiful are such friendships,
Which are genuine, long lasting and true.
Will we ever find such friendships?
Indeed if we try hard enough,
And make ourselves lovable and acceptable to others,
I'm sure we all will never live,
To have no friends in our life,
But rather a life full of interesting friends,
Who wil be in our memories always.
~The End~

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