Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Getting ready up for my studies...

Things to do today:
1.Go for lunch
2.Going to library, spending at least 2 hours there looking for journals(required for final year project)
3.Coming back, maybe some DoTA with my roomie Roy
4.Off to swimming
5.Going for dinner
6.Revising my studies, reading through the printed notes
7.DoTA, anyone? lolz

Seems like an interesting day. DoTA has become the part of many lives here in Sunway Apartment-Condo.

Listening to Switchfoot, which was recommended by Roy, had no idea who they were previously. Nice album, Christian band who proclaim Jesus silently in the music, making it more suitable for the public.

Seem to have a bit of a problem with Ben, maybe I should treat him more seriously, he seems to dislike me this day, maybe for my "craziness" in the hostel sometimes, can't help it as sometimes I do act funny, lol. Well, have to learn that some people can't take such jokes or fun, and rather they would look at you as weird, so it's time to grow up and these things behind, time to be a man rather than a kid, which is what Roy and Ben said I am all the time. Well, they're both my closest friend around, not to forget Khalil too of course...

Aiight, going to lunch soon I guess with Roy, see ya peeps!


giselle741lynette said...

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David said...

Thanks Lynette! Your comments are always welcomed too! Enjoy blogging!