Friday, January 21, 2011

Money $$

I need more Money... damn it.

Tough to find, hard to come by, and yet we need it everyday in our lives. We use it to shop, buy food, get our needs, get a house, a car, and all that sh!t.

Some are filthy rich, some poor like dirt... some have only average.

Why.. Is this world so unfair? Why can't we put like limits on how much one can have, and have the rest of those excess money distributed fairly to others? (sounds like communist I know.. but even communism are more like democratic systems nowadays ==")

Whyyy sooooooo expensive to live in Malaysia? Or is it the same elsewhere?

Dang poor ... I need a raise.. I need my bonus... Arghhh when can I get it?

Seriously.. Najib's administration has been all about increasing this and that (prices.. so screw him I am NEVER voting for BN again, all of them are freaking rich eating our Rakyat's money!!)

I am so so tired.. tired.. of looking for more money. I could, but I know I would lack the commitment to do it now. Starting a business, selling insurance, or whatever network marketing gimmick which all require alot of time, patience and the ability to keep seeking and speaking to people.

It's tough, it ain't easy, when you see people making big buck/side income out of those. I rather.. just focus on what's my best now, my career. I know I might sound lazy, but it just doesn't work for me (at this time of my life). I might restart my attempt again, maybe later at life when I'm so much more desperate for money (imagining myself having kids and a family and money flowing to every corner of our livelihood).

It's not easy, but I gotta try, to aim for the stars, to build myself a castle, to earn my place in this society. By being the man, by being RICH one day. Not only just rich, but filthy rich. Yeah.. that's what I'm talking about....

Answer: Coz money is never enough? LOL.

(disclaimer: haven't read the above book before, yet it seems good, might try it someday)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

new year 2011

Heck, it's the new year already. So fast the time flies... unbelievable.

2010, what a year NOT to remember. Many things happened, and I would rather let it pass as another bad year. Bad because you lost the job in a dream company, bad because relationships and friendships were broken and lost, bad because prices kept shooting up faster than the DAP rocket, bad because I had more commitments to pay to as well, and finally bad because it was another single's year for me.

And now 2011 came, and I wish with this new job, this new year, this new General Election that is coming, we as one Rakyat Malaysia can stand up to make a change. To have more Malaysians joining the Anti BN movement, to say no to the present corrupt government, and to vote consciously as a well-informed citizen.

Ok putting politics aside, as for my personal life, I'm hoping that it will improve... I do see signs of improvement but I am not all that confident yet. Bad times might still come but I seriously hope this year would be better. Somehow I sense this year I wouldn't be in it alone.... Me and her have started something.. but I needed a more concrete and secure feeling before I am to reveal this to the world. (A relationship is NOT something you should be posting up in Facebook till it's really stable.. IMO... FB has been a relationship wrecker in many situations and many times for people =.=)

2011, let's hope it will be a blast. Oh yeah and 2012 is coming... anyone prepared for Nostradamus' prophecies? LOL I decided to put it aside after much research into the subject.. there are some really horrid doubts surrounding the quatrains that were explained by some.

The biggest doubt in regards to Nostradamus' prophecy for 2012:
  1. If you were to read up his actual book in quatrains, you would see that the prophecies aren't arranged in order?
  2. Shouldn't it follow a proper timeline of things to happen? Like at least a proper flow of chapters? Else without the proper time and sequence of things to happen how is anyone were to know each passage were to happen when? All the quatrains are actually jumbled up like a bunch of hair.
  3. I could just point at a quatrain and say it will happen tomorrow? But nobody really knows till it were to happen during that particular time and refer it back to the book?
  4. Nostradamus doesn't specify a time that his writings would occur... there is never any date, year or time for that matter AT ALL in any of his quatrains.

People did decipher his prophecies wrongly before so I'm not rooting for anything till it happens. Hell if the world ends or many would die in some catastrophe, I don't think we could do anything much about it. Let's all just stick around and help each other out by then?

I felt I have grown, into something I am not previously. It is even apparent in this blog post. This is what happens when people grow older I suppose, else we all might just be stuck in a kid's brain and watch everything fall apart. Better, smarter, wiser, stronger... that is what a year older would mean.

Happy 2011!... hope you all have a great one!!