Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday, and tomorrow UoP visits...

Darn, why why tomorrow...three days in a row my uni lectures from UK will be down for a visit.

And I'm not done with my database work which we are told to do, last Mr Johnathan Britt... He told us like last Monday, a week before. Why not tell us on the very first day of class where he's gonna see our work when he comes down. All chapter 1 to 3 exercises, that's like around 25-30 questions. @.@ How to finish worrr....Some questions take like one whole page to write...

Just wish everything's well tomorrow, pray pray he don't scold us. Coz he will if he's dissapointed with his students.

UK ppl, with that strange accent, extra complicated mindset especially when they write, compared to the simpler malaysians. Sometimes, we just wonder what they're trying to say...when we could sumarize it in one sentence.

Ok, I rather go clean my room, take a bath and relax then trying to attempt the impossible.

Tata for now. ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday, morning 2.30am

Wuahaha, not yet asleep..

Been to the Amazingly Fearless Race organized by Lifeline, my church's youth. Wow it was freaking tiring sial, and we ran like mad people just to make sure we ain't late. Haha got 7th place in the end. Man the prize was a alarm clock! From IKEA, huahua...thank god we got a good prize, some were weird, like hangar?!! And stuff like pasu bunga??!! Glass wiper?!!

Haha so funny...gonna remember that day. Met many new frens like Grace, Melanie, Roosevelt, and some old ones like Celestine which I got closer with as he's my team leader.

Hmm, joining again next year makes me thinks twice. It's freaking tiring...honestly...most tiring event ever in my life, very much to its name Amazing race and Fear

K that's all for now....gud nitez!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hmm, guess will be single this valentine, anyway what the heck, enjoy the moments of it, lol.

To all dating couples, have a wonderful time ahead.

To those single, cheer up, and don't fret being single! ;)


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mass...without a priest

Went to SFX with LOTN cellgroup just now, left at 5.30pm with a school bus.

Was kinda funny, a service without a priest there, just something missing...they'll be back on the 26th after the PMCCC.

Got to know how's Euphrasia doing too, haha she's one close friend of mine... Hope she does well in her A levels.

Off to watch American Idol on Poh's tv, glad that we had a tv at least, although the transmission is a bit bad, gonna get an antenna soon, kekeke...

That's all for now. Looking forward to next week's Valentines on Tuesday. Wish me luck ;)

saturday in the blues

I'm feeling lazy, sleepy and tired.

Wanna rest man, the weather just pulls you into bed into more laziness...

wat a day..

Friday, February 10, 2006

Back in action


back in sunway, as usual, back to blogging...

Slept at 5am yesterday, after finishing a losing round of dota where my side got pawned 40 times and we only killed 5. What a waste of my sleeping time, !@$%.

I'm starting to have this dry cough, like it's itchy and just makes you cough without spitting a s*it, if u get wat I mean. God, please cure me from this, I don't wanna see the doc the 3rd time again. *sweats.

Valentine's this Tuesday...looks like it's single valentine for me again...sigh.

K that's all now. Chill.