Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday, morning 2.30am

Wuahaha, not yet asleep..

Been to the Amazingly Fearless Race organized by Lifeline, my church's youth. Wow it was freaking tiring sial, and we ran like mad people just to make sure we ain't late. Haha got 7th place in the end. Man the prize was a alarm clock! From IKEA, huahua...thank god we got a good prize, some were weird, like hangar?!! And stuff like pasu bunga??!! Glass wiper?!!

Haha so funny...gonna remember that day. Met many new frens like Grace, Melanie, Roosevelt, and some old ones like Celestine which I got closer with as he's my team leader.

Hmm, joining again next year makes me thinks twice. It's freaking tiring...honestly...most tiring event ever in my life, very much to its name Amazing race and Fear

K that's all for now....gud nitez!

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