Monday, July 30, 2012

♥ ~ Engagement ~ May 24th ~ ♥

It was a truly special day. The day I confronted my fears, humbled myself, to say these words: "Will you marry me?".

The preparations for it isn't easy at all. I had to preorder flowers, wrote the poem, think of a surprise plan, and the steps to execute it perfectly.

Thankfully it work out well, she was touched, and finally she said "Yes".

A few funny things that almost/didn't quite work out according to plan:
1. printed the poem several times due to the ink not able to stick to the paper properly
2. editing the poem several times as I felt it wasn't good enough
3. When at the carpark, she almost saw me climbing up the escalator to The Curve (with those flowers omigosh!) - I had to literally ran as fast as I could before seeing her narrowingly past by.
4. Had to speak to her, make her comfortable when she's already shaken up when she arrived at the scene.
5. Kneeling down in front of everyone, proposing to her with flower and ring in each hand (hardest feat of all)

May 24th, the day I proposed to Boey Wai San, the true love in my life.

~~ ♥ Love you dear, always and forever ♥ ~~

the thing about relationships

The thing about relationships, I have learnt, is this... it takes two to clap. It does not matter how good you are, how much you treat the person, but if the end of it is that the other does not love you or care for you deep enough, you can kiss it goodbye.

It is also important that your partner understands you well, is forgiving, and has a good temperament. If both of you are hot headed and always slaps the other with harsh words, then it's gonna be a one tough ride of a journey.

Without genuine love for one another, then there is no point of forcing the other one down the road.

You'd have to know yourself well to to figure whether or not this relationship is worth continuing or not. Is this the person you'd really wanna spend the rest of your life with?  If the answer is YES for both of you then whatever the situation is usually there's a way out/reconcialition. If NO, whatever small problems/arguments you two faced would be like a major catastrophe, easily provoking the words "breakup" or "divorce". Both would need to understand what loyalty is, loving only each other and no one else. Not to be greedy, demanding and expecting more always... but be realistic as well, be considerate towards the other who is already giving so much to you. :)

Know what you want, how bad you want it, and know thyself. Once you do, and your partner does too, then it's easy to go through it all. Anyhow I always believed that God has set aside that someone special for those who are meant to marry someday. As long you continue helping and improving yourself, help yourself, and don't give up, there's bound to be someone there for you someday.


Went back to Kuantan with her during my birthday this year.

She seem really happy to see the beautiful Teluk Chempedak Beach (not much beaches on the west coast).

End up with a buffet dinner at Hyatt Regency's Kampung Retaurant. So long never ate till so full....

It was an awesome trip overall !! happy to see her this happy!!