Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Best I ever had

This song nice. Didn't believe that it is a 1999 hit song from vertical horizon:

Best I ever had:

So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
Love can be so boring

Nothing's quite the same now
I just say your name now

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't want me back
You're just the best I ever had

So you stole my world
Now I'm just a phony
Remembering the girl
Leaves me down and lonely

Send it in a letter
Make yourself feel better

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't need me back

[Best I Ever Had lyrics on]
You're just the best I ever had

And it may take some time to
Patch me up inside
But I can't take it so i
Run away and hide
And I may find in time that
You were always right
You're always right

So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
Love can be so boring

What was it you wanted
Could it be I'm haunted

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
I don't want you back
You're just the best I ever had
The best I ever had
The best I ever

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

3rd July last day at maxis

Can't wait for the day where I'll be liberated... free from slavery.

God bless my soul.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Being alone at home is very charm 1


Mum went pangkor, left me alone. She so enjoy leh... me kena jaga the !@#%^ dog always tear the paper where he pass shit 1. Knn lo beh tahan the si beh gao dog... Like today morning woke up, clean his "paper" and then put new one...mana tau came down after bath all dressed nicely he went and kacau his "toilet" again...damn sien lo. Wack how much his skin also damm thick 1...

Then have to boil water early morning anot no coffee to drink, cis damm mafan. Then with sweaty shirt walk go to work. Sigh how I wish mum faster come back.

But nemind.. go KL I'm willing to do all this (excluding the !##$ dog of course..). Wanna learn to be working independent there... fouyo can't wait.

(I sound very ah beng rite? ahahaha lols)

K la nuff said. Back to working.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

kena poison

took leave today coz food poisoning. Hah nice to have 1 day MC no need to work.

Friday, June 15, 2007

i am cyclops

You Are Cyclops

Dedicated and responsible, you will always remain loyal to your cause.
You are a commanding leader - after all, you can kill someone just by looking at them.

Power: force beams from your eyes


where shud I visit in asia?

You Should Travel to Thailand

You may enjoy getting spiritual at a Buddhist retreat...
Or just feasting on a ton of cheap and amazing Thai food.

Thailand...of all asian countries... o_O
You Are a Boston Creme Donut

You have a tough exterior. No one wants to mess with you.
But on the inside, you're a total pushover and completely soft.
You're a traditionalist, and you don't change easily.
You're likely to eat the same doughnut every morning, and pout if it's sold out.

The donut test XD lolss...

Animal quizz..

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to obedience and warmth.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is comforting. You crave a relationship where you always feel warmth and love.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something that will confine you. You are afraid of marriage.

In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

wah use animal as answer can come out so accurate >.<"""""

Hidden power

Your Hidden Talent

Your natural talent is interpersonal relations and dealing with people.
You communicate well and are able to bring disparate groups together.
Your calming presence helps everything go more smoothly.
People crave your praise and complements.

fouyo hidden talent sia... just click one pic and that's it! cool anot. take take see see ur hidden kami-kamiya... lol XD

love test failed badly

You Are 67% Passionate, 33% Compassionate

You are very passionate, especially when it comes to love.
In fact, it's sometimes difficult for you to tell between love and lust.
You jump in head first, and figure things out later... usually when it's all over!

IS this a warning for me or what... =.=""""

sigh which tells why I should avoid it even more.

Kena Tag

Kena Tag from Yue >.<""" 4 Jobs I've had in my life
1. Sales Assistant/promoter @ Various Places
2. Intern at MSC Cyberjaya
3. Customer Care @ Maxis

4 Movies I can watch over and over again
Batman Begins, Shrek, Star Wars, Spiderman 1&2 but not 3 >.<, The Last Samurai, Lord of the Rings (but not again plz :X), Pirates of the Carribean (all...bwahaha mateyzz....) and more... XD most movies can watch multiple time de... I'm movie hardcore!

4 Places I've been on Vacation
1. Penang - nice food but lousy beach XD
2. Langkawi - nice beaches but boring! XD
3. Malacca - so super sempit road weh
4. Alor Setar - nothing there wan =.=
5. Terengganu - even worst :X

4 Of my Favorite Dishes
1. Tik Pan Taufu - since young always call hahahaha
2. Crabs and Prawns - I love fried, butter, hot watever! nice weh
3. Fish - gimme a well cooked fish and I'll dissect for you till the bones XD
4. Chicken - depends how well it is cooked. KFC still rules
5. Pork - recently nia after went KL ownself learn how to XD mum anti pork ma lols
6. Vegetables and Fruits - Salads! mum latest salad is awesome. Fruits is a must or we'll die rite? lols

4 Places I would like to Visit
Hoping to go Singapore and Aussie someday, if can UK and America and Europe as well =D

4 Most overused Words
1. What the hell?
2. F**k.. (shit shudnt said that lol)
3. C****, m**** (canton swearing esp when driving, ish ish... )
4. No la... *followed by explanation

^above first 3 only used when angry/upset XD

4 TV Shows I love to Watch
Bleach... (maybe download nia), Amazing Race, American Idol (when I'm still fan of the singer), Apprentice (now stopped liao coz no time follow), MTV and Channel V (these days after working at Maxis, helped me keep track of songs lol), and much more, cant rmbr XD

4 Bloggers I am Tagging
1. Licia-sannnnn
2. cant think

can only think of one who will actually do it >.<" sorry

cheers to myself for koreking all that info! ahahahha...

Thursday, June 14, 2007


It's the first time I've wrote something about my latest job in Maxis. So be prepared, it's gonna be long.

Maxis, a name many people have regarded as one of the best telcos in Malaysia. Even I myself thought so.

But within 6 months of working here since February till now and resigning next month, July...

First thing to say... it isn't easy working at Maxis. A few times I was totally burned out and feel like just giving up on the whole thing. These few days I had even took an "evening nap" because I didn't had enough rest and super tired (tho I slept around 11-12 these 3 days, I figure the best is still before 11. But so little time? My only free time is doing stuffs at night)

It really opened my eyes to the goodness of working at Intel last time, and even at Nike. As even the pay was low in Nike, I really had fun and made lots of new friends + understanding what nike is all about. It even made me loved the brand alot.

Maxis is a diffrent story. There are many perspectives and angles that you can look at it. First off, the telco industry in Malaysia is a very challenging one... Just see how Digi and Maxis compete with each other, and yea don't look down on Celcom..there are lots of Malays who use them in the east coast. To tell the truth, I didn't enjoy my work at Maxis. It could be caused by the pressure and environment and lack of growth...somehow many things are missing. It is as if a wet towel has been squeezed till it is beyond dry....

Ya know... I learnt that the most important part of work is not complaining that it sux... becoz if u'll find that all jobs sucks. It's life. Just as long you can look forward to your work each morning without much complaining, it's already considered ok. I always wonder why people who get good jobs in Intel, IBM keep saying they wanna quit and look for better.... wait till you come over to my position as customer care in Maxis... har...then u'll know.

Talking to people everyday till the lips run dry...having customers that sometimes ask really ridiculous and lengthy questions. Customers scolding Maxis (in turn scolding you). Not having your own work privacy. Everyone including customers can see you... a short tempered supervisor and colleague. Extreme pressure from the management above... Call the departments (eg HR, Maxis Collections, GSM) and you might sometimes even get rude tones from them if they are having a bad day/or you bother them for some tiny matter... Making endless reports (as the reports quota is 100% for each customer you press, nuts? no.. it's a target, go below 55% and you'll get flamed by the supervisor). Things can get pretty unbearable and stressful...

So anyone with a better position wanna swap jobs with me? if you don't want to, value your jobs. Being young it's always worth-while to work a bit harder and take up some flames. Just learn to sit back and chill.

Appreciate the good jobs you have. End.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

shit... I forgot my own birthday...for the first time

Lol... today is da day... 2nd June..

And shit... I forgot all about it. How wrong can I get? Well maybe I missed the frequent flours and eggs poured onto me during my birthdays for the past 2 years...

now back in Kuantan... I didn't even receive an sms after 12. I guess... it isn't that significant anymore huh. I miss my friends in KL, but what to do, for the sake of money...tahan first.

2nd June 1985, the day I was born.

and 2nd June 2007, the day I am 22 years old and it's been a long while since I forgot my own birthday. Thanks for sheryl to be the first who greeted me via msn... =)

Life goes on. I hate being an adult so soon, but it's a fact I am. Well looks like it wouldn't be a very grand day to look forward to... anyway...

happy birthday, david. And welcome to the working world.