Friday, June 15, 2007

Kena Tag

Kena Tag from Yue >.<""" 4 Jobs I've had in my life
1. Sales Assistant/promoter @ Various Places
2. Intern at MSC Cyberjaya
3. Customer Care @ Maxis

4 Movies I can watch over and over again
Batman Begins, Shrek, Star Wars, Spiderman 1&2 but not 3 >.<, The Last Samurai, Lord of the Rings (but not again plz :X), Pirates of the Carribean (all...bwahaha mateyzz....) and more... XD most movies can watch multiple time de... I'm movie hardcore!

4 Places I've been on Vacation
1. Penang - nice food but lousy beach XD
2. Langkawi - nice beaches but boring! XD
3. Malacca - so super sempit road weh
4. Alor Setar - nothing there wan =.=
5. Terengganu - even worst :X

4 Of my Favorite Dishes
1. Tik Pan Taufu - since young always call hahahaha
2. Crabs and Prawns - I love fried, butter, hot watever! nice weh
3. Fish - gimme a well cooked fish and I'll dissect for you till the bones XD
4. Chicken - depends how well it is cooked. KFC still rules
5. Pork - recently nia after went KL ownself learn how to XD mum anti pork ma lols
6. Vegetables and Fruits - Salads! mum latest salad is awesome. Fruits is a must or we'll die rite? lols

4 Places I would like to Visit
Hoping to go Singapore and Aussie someday, if can UK and America and Europe as well =D

4 Most overused Words
1. What the hell?
2. F**k.. (shit shudnt said that lol)
3. C****, m**** (canton swearing esp when driving, ish ish... )
4. No la... *followed by explanation

^above first 3 only used when angry/upset XD

4 TV Shows I love to Watch
Bleach... (maybe download nia), Amazing Race, American Idol (when I'm still fan of the singer), Apprentice (now stopped liao coz no time follow), MTV and Channel V (these days after working at Maxis, helped me keep track of songs lol), and much more, cant rmbr XD

4 Bloggers I am Tagging
1. Licia-sannnnn
2. cant think

can only think of one who will actually do it >.<" sorry

cheers to myself for koreking all that info! ahahahha...

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