Monday, June 25, 2007

Being alone at home is very charm 1


Mum went pangkor, left me alone. She so enjoy leh... me kena jaga the !@#%^ dog always tear the paper where he pass shit 1. Knn lo beh tahan the si beh gao dog... Like today morning woke up, clean his "paper" and then put new one...mana tau came down after bath all dressed nicely he went and kacau his "toilet" again...damn sien lo. Wack how much his skin also damm thick 1...

Then have to boil water early morning anot no coffee to drink, cis damm mafan. Then with sweaty shirt walk go to work. Sigh how I wish mum faster come back.

But nemind.. go KL I'm willing to do all this (excluding the !##$ dog of course..). Wanna learn to be working independent there... fouyo can't wait.

(I sound very ah beng rite? ahahaha lols)

K la nuff said. Back to working.

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