Sunday, May 13, 2012

WaiSan and Me ♥

It all started on 28th February 2012.

All thanks to Didie who had arrange us to meet. Waisan and her had been working together for several months now.

It was then on the month of February that Didie Whatsapp me to tell me that she wanted to arrange a 'meeting' of me and that friend of her's. It caught me by surprised at first. For I was having some plans and when I heard of it I really really thought of not attending. Wanting to negotiate a better time with Didie when she refused to, saying that her time is tight and all that, had further deprived me of my mood to meet up with this girl.

Somehow we got the meeting date fixed to another, and on a fine evening, me, Didie, Aishah, Mahen, Estee, and that "special" girl had decided to arrange for a meetup at The Curve.

I went on braveheartedly knowing that me and her will mostly reached there first before the rest. Earlier on I had already PM-ed her on Facebook just to know her abit and also to make her comfortable before the meeting. Truly I was getting excited the more I know her and when the moment come for us to break the ice, it all fell together into place nicely. We both clicked really well with each other and had many conversations about our lives, general talk, work and more.

The rest came. We sat together at TGI Fridays for the meal. It was awkward at first as me and her were conversing  in Cantonese while the rest there couldn't understand a word of what we're saying. In the middle of some of the talk I did talk back in English with them and that somehow comforted them abit. But I knew me and WaiSan were already talking so much that it was starting to look all good.

After many more conversations via phone with her, meeting her a few more times, we decided to call it a relationship. We wanted to take it slow at first but somehow we knew we were lying to ourselves if we still wanted to go slow, as truly our chemistry is so strong that we just couldn't contain it. 28th February is the date we decided to start it all.

Right now, down another 2 months +10 over days, our relationship had went on even stronger and stable. We're both truly happy with one another. Marriage had been planned and we're hoping it'll be somewhere next year.

I love you WaiSan, hoping to spend the rest of my days together with you. ♥

Yours truly,
David Tay