Monday, November 27, 2006

I wanna talk about something cheerful

Enough of fyp, I dont even care if I pass or fail anymore. I wanna change topic from now on.

Before that, woke up today with a bad stomach ache. Sigh went to toilet 3 times all very closely timed. Hope will recover.

And yea, got my new deviantart site where I'm gonna post up all my artwork ^_^ (dont have the luxury of time to post everything yet, but soon...)

here's the site:

Sunday, November 19, 2006

sorry been MIA so long...

Didn't have to mood to blog, so I'm back...yada yada...

Dunno what to blog... yada yada...

Just that been busy with coding the fyp application, yada yada...

Yea that's all I guess.

>__> will be fully back soon...if I have the mood to. Haihz...

Maybe its the rainy days...maybe men do have PMS... or maybe...

I'm just too sick of my project...

bingo. It is my friend...

Once I'm done with it, I'm so so so gonna throw a Jalur Gemilang and run in the streets of Kuantan (maybe in my dream) and like spent my whole day in Kuantan watching endless endless tv and ASTRO and go all out enjoying.

Ya man. Holidays. Coolness.

Yes David. Think positive. Gambate ~

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Karaoke Saturday nite with kbox ppl =P

This I have to post. Went yest to Karaoke with a bunch of forummers from kokorobox.

Sang some usual songs and not so usual. But Qiqi was great! She sang like a pro. *respect* Gonna go for audition so we accompanied in her training at red box Lowyat...

Below the pics:


Me and Qiqi:

Mskgod was a nice dude...we both clicked easily. Qiqi was cute! ^^ Kelvin88 pics are missing =.= but he was a nice guy, though a bit quiet, haha the place was really noisy, cant be blame...

Overall a nice karaoke experience with them. Gambate to qiqi, hope she can win something back from that singing competition.

Peace ^^V

sorry so long no update...

been busy with fyp and dunno wat to update...

so will leave this blank... *seriously I need a camera phone or I'll just end up not having anything to post.

Take for today example, went to my fren's Jo's wedding and everyone is busy taking pics except me. I don't have a camera! >.<

Btw, his wedding was great! The mass was nice... Got a chance to seat on a Mercedez S class coz Kenneth was driving it and he gave me a short ride from the church entrance to the place they were having lunch. Although just a few minutes but the car was perfect... PERFECTO I mean...definately gonna miss was light and as if you were floating in it. The seats and suspension was awesome too... (now I know why ppl buy these cars) ^^"

Congratz to Jo and Marianne! Hope they have a happy marriage ahead! Can't wait to see their babies soon! Both so pretty, the kids shud be reli cute!

=D that's all for now. Do pray I could get my hands on a camera handphone! >.< =P

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm in library waiting...for semangat to do final year project...

Aihhhhhh, come here for 1 hour end up surfing, sien sien aaa!!!

I've wasted my time once more, but sometimes it can't be helped, YOU JUST DON'T HAVE THE MOOD TO DO SOMETHING THAT YOU REALLY OUGHT TO BE DOING...

Yea that's my theory I guess, can't be help...happens once in a blue moon when you lost the semangatz...

(some random baby pic to describe how I'm feeling:)

it actually looks kinda scary @@


Sunday, November 05, 2006


sorry arh....stupid block b2 keep dc for dunno what reason, zzz.

Cant stand it. The stupid construction making our whole block suffer.

I will be back...I mean online in college on weekdays while doing my project. The line here is very unstable. Like able to online for 15-20 mins and down for 30 to 1 hour.


Worst thing is, only our block b2 is effected. You say la, how sui can this sui get...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Prestige

Just figured I had to write about this.

On cool movie by Christopher Nolan (Director of Batman Begins). It was an awesome experience seeing some of Nolan's work, where it never stops puzzling you on the actual thing that is happening. The scene very similiar to Batman Begins, yet this one concentrating on the rivalry of two magicians.

More info here:

Rotten Tomatoes Critics: