Saturday, November 11, 2006

sorry so long no update...

been busy with fyp and dunno wat to update...

so will leave this blank... *seriously I need a camera phone or I'll just end up not having anything to post.

Take for today example, went to my fren's Jo's wedding and everyone is busy taking pics except me. I don't have a camera! >.<

Btw, his wedding was great! The mass was nice... Got a chance to seat on a Mercedez S class coz Kenneth was driving it and he gave me a short ride from the church entrance to the place they were having lunch. Although just a few minutes but the car was perfect... PERFECTO I mean...definately gonna miss was light and as if you were floating in it. The seats and suspension was awesome too... (now I know why ppl buy these cars) ^^"

Congratz to Jo and Marianne! Hope they have a happy marriage ahead! Can't wait to see their babies soon! Both so pretty, the kids shud be reli cute!

=D that's all for now. Do pray I could get my hands on a camera handphone! >.< =P

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