Monday, November 27, 2006

I wanna talk about something cheerful

Enough of fyp, I dont even care if I pass or fail anymore. I wanna change topic from now on.

Before that, woke up today with a bad stomach ache. Sigh went to toilet 3 times all very closely timed. Hope will recover.

And yea, got my new deviantart site where I'm gonna post up all my artwork ^_^ (dont have the luxury of time to post everything yet, but soon...)

here's the site:


licia said...

i also have an account there!! haha.. but its abandoned..

ms.bulat said...

i aso got!!! but i hardly post...hopefully it will be filled

David said...

lols...all malas even though so free xD

haha. Yer dunno u all punya link also =P