Saturday, November 11, 2006

Karaoke Saturday nite with kbox ppl =P

This I have to post. Went yest to Karaoke with a bunch of forummers from kokorobox.

Sang some usual songs and not so usual. But Qiqi was great! She sang like a pro. *respect* Gonna go for audition so we accompanied in her training at red box Lowyat...

Below the pics:


Me and Qiqi:

Mskgod was a nice dude...we both clicked easily. Qiqi was cute! ^^ Kelvin88 pics are missing =.= but he was a nice guy, though a bit quiet, haha the place was really noisy, cant be blame...

Overall a nice karaoke experience with them. Gambate to qiqi, hope she can win something back from that singing competition.

Peace ^^V


dee said...

I must say David you are photogenic!

David said...

hahaha thanks...was lucky to get that good pose lol...

and thanks to kelvin he edited it i guess =P

i love good pics...makes u look good ^^