Sunday, May 30, 2010

boy girl relationship

Ok here goes.. my so called "analysis" and "hypothesis" on the whole dating landscape in the new century...

I might be wrong.. or right.. in this end it's the readers' call too.. but here are my findings after observing and going through so many...

Dating or a relationship is no longer simple. The definition of simple is when you ask about your parents, auntie, uncle's relationship and found out that, it was just asking one out, getting to know each other, and soon enough they tie the knot.

But these days, many other factors come into play.

First, you have to understand that woman know has access to education as well, one that was considered rare and expensive for either gender, thus man always had more opportunity to go for it. And those times even men are lowly educated. Thus explains why most people just jumped into the mud and get employed without much...

These days, for those after those born after the year 1960s, most have a degree. It was emphasized starting that time that a degree is needed to secure a job and to increase one's value. The difference? totally different for those after that time, very apparent after the 1970s born people...

The affect spiraled to the dating/relationship scene, and as it continues to ripple the effects... u can see now how complicated the "scene" has become.

Another fact is internet explosion... never look down at what this small giant can do... coz it seems so harmless that it's accessible via the pc and mobile.. yet with it knowledge and wisdom and all other human sharing can be found in it. Woman can leverage on what guys know simply by searching and reading. Thus closing the difference in both where nowadays both genders are called to be "equal".

Woman no longer care bout how rich a guy is, how stable he is, how much of material things he has. Yet it is still important, but only to a point. The main thing now is personality/character. Why I said so? Notice why there are guys that still can't find someone while on the other hand, someone with lower achievements yet with a strong "woman-pleasing" character, usually gets the upper hand. (this might offend some ppl for being generalizing, yet know that things are debatable... be open to what I write or don't read at all.) So what's woman-pleasing? It is when a guy is said to be able to understand a woman well, and able to show characteristics that pleases a much so he doesn't need to do much to get them to like him. Wanna know more.. the only way is to bump into such a guy.. hear 10 girls agree to it, and see for urself why he's special.

Man can no longer just employ his hunting skills as to what he practices eons ago... now they need to focus on sharpening the most important asset... communications & actions. This will ultimately formed his character and personality too. Thoughts will play a role too as with thoughts comes the rest. Habits will make him become who is he if he continues to dwell in them too long. The final product is the "packaged" product of what makes the guy a guy...

So guys, think that you have your wallets full? A credit card, a house? will suffice? No more... This is the new era. The era where women is confident about themselves, have a stable job, a degree and they can stand with their two feet even when they have no men around them... coz all they need is their bunch of friends to help them out and pull them together again. Or they can simply bring their wallets out and go shopping till they drop. (woman now has larger savings than guys too, yet they'd nvr tell a guy how much they have)

So you ask, so how? i'm single now and I can't seem to find anybody, is like it keeps failing and nothing works... There comes another factor which is the age too. As long u have that skill-sets filled to a certain point, you can rest assure with that "not giving up" attitude one day u'll find the right someone. You will understand it when you talk to 2 different age groups of girls, one at 20s-25s and those that are 27s-30s. One age group are not anticipating marriage while the other knows that they need to be there soon...

Girls might get offended by the whole writing, yet I am only typing what I observe, as everyone notices different thing and has a different viewpoint, and above is mine.

For guys, buck up and start honing all the good stuffs u can about urself.. or be prepared to live it out alone and not having anyone at your side.

For ladies, sigh... Is hard to change them.. let them choose to be who they are.. We as men can only advise, yet the ultimate part is when they decided enough is enough and to do the right thing.

That's all from my end.. feel free to blast me and i'll see what I can do to reply..


Thursday, May 27, 2010

back to serious updating

feeling that my blog is kinda left out... so i'm gonna start update whatever i feel like it without caring what the world thinks.. had enuff of trying to please ppl.

this is MY PERSONAL SPACE and others will not have a chance to say whatever they feel like it as YOU CAN READ IT but WATEVER COMMENTS THAT IS NOT NEEDED i might just as well SHOVE it back to your face, thank u very much.

sorry lost it thr.. just ranting to feel better :)

it's May 2010, so damn fast... mid of the year and I'm stuck here, at this moment in life where many things are happening.

new company, new environment, new job, new people, new friends, everything has just started from ground Zero the day I came here. And I hope all will goes well and for me to keep proving myself here. My capabilities, strengths and any that I can offer to the team and organization.

as back to personal life, I sort of feel drained recently by stuffs that has been going on, some that has left deep impacts in my life. Will not hold too high hopes in things anymore as you might just fall greater from a taller height. Gonna do things in low profile and silent mode, till it is the absolute safe and secure time to reveal it. People can just be destructive with words and comments even when at times they think they are helping. So better rely on self and go through those alone... Stand up and work things out like a man.

Gonna be 25 soon officially... Feeling so old.. like 25? omg when did I reach such an age.. =.=""

Miss many of my friends back in BAT... yet I know I have to hold on and do my best in this job, till the final moment.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A poem

Dunno why I suddenly had the inspiration to write this.. but here goes:

Life isn't about judging one another, about comparing who's greater.
It ain't about fighting, wars and killing each other...
It's the little things in life people forget about,
The love, the kindness, the sharing, the friendship.

Most ppl think about these days, rather..
Are money, job, reputation and self.

How long more would you wanna live that life?
Or rather would you have the satisfaction out of the life which you live in..
The life where you would feel happy and joyful,
Where even if you have less than others you would still be happy?

The life where people would look up to you,
Respect you, and admire you for who you are..
They thank you for being around them, even as a friend..
They thank you for helping them...
For making their lives more meaningful,
For making yourself meaningful to them,
...when all around them are many that choose to be ignorant, selfish, and proud.

And now, I choose to be that person,
to be daring to be different...
Coz I know there's only one life,
And there's no turning back once it's used up.

I choose the best in life..
And now the question is,
Would you?

Posted it under my profile's bio in Facebook... :)

Wanna write this down here as a remembrance.. it just sounds perfect! :D