Thursday, May 27, 2010

back to serious updating

feeling that my blog is kinda left out... so i'm gonna start update whatever i feel like it without caring what the world thinks.. had enuff of trying to please ppl.

this is MY PERSONAL SPACE and others will not have a chance to say whatever they feel like it as YOU CAN READ IT but WATEVER COMMENTS THAT IS NOT NEEDED i might just as well SHOVE it back to your face, thank u very much.

sorry lost it thr.. just ranting to feel better :)

it's May 2010, so damn fast... mid of the year and I'm stuck here, at this moment in life where many things are happening.

new company, new environment, new job, new people, new friends, everything has just started from ground Zero the day I came here. And I hope all will goes well and for me to keep proving myself here. My capabilities, strengths and any that I can offer to the team and organization.

as back to personal life, I sort of feel drained recently by stuffs that has been going on, some that has left deep impacts in my life. Will not hold too high hopes in things anymore as you might just fall greater from a taller height. Gonna do things in low profile and silent mode, till it is the absolute safe and secure time to reveal it. People can just be destructive with words and comments even when at times they think they are helping. So better rely on self and go through those alone... Stand up and work things out like a man.

Gonna be 25 soon officially... Feeling so old.. like 25? omg when did I reach such an age.. =.=""

Miss many of my friends back in BAT... yet I know I have to hold on and do my best in this job, till the final moment.


aLex said...

My crib will be ready in a month or 2 , lets watch a movie at my place. get the BAT Swift guys over .

David said...

crib? o.O

wah new house is it?