Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A poem

Dunno why I suddenly had the inspiration to write this.. but here goes:

Life isn't about judging one another, about comparing who's greater.
It ain't about fighting, wars and killing each other...
It's the little things in life people forget about,
The love, the kindness, the sharing, the friendship.

Most ppl think about these days, rather..
Are money, job, reputation and self.

How long more would you wanna live that life?
Or rather would you have the satisfaction out of the life which you live in..
The life where you would feel happy and joyful,
Where even if you have less than others you would still be happy?

The life where people would look up to you,
Respect you, and admire you for who you are..
They thank you for being around them, even as a friend..
They thank you for helping them...
For making their lives more meaningful,
For making yourself meaningful to them,
...when all around them are many that choose to be ignorant, selfish, and proud.

And now, I choose to be that person,
to be daring to be different...
Coz I know there's only one life,
And there's no turning back once it's used up.

I choose the best in life..
And now the question is,
Would you?

Posted it under my profile's bio in Facebook... :)

Wanna write this down here as a remembrance.. it just sounds perfect! :D

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