Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just woke up from a nap starting at 7pm... for more than an hour as I could not take my body's withdrawal from sleep anymore.

I've even learn to calculate how much sleep my body needs after working on my job's crazy shift which is 7am to 4pm (not that crazy if compared with a 24 by 7 days helpdesk). Calculating how much lack of sleep more I can tolerate to the next much needed "extra sleep".

We had badminton today just beside my office, but refused, coz like I've mentioned, I've learnt to calculate how much "requirement" of sleep that my body needs before it breaks.... and when it breaks, even driving home from work the next day is gonna be a challenge (having my eyelids dropping by itself)... as well as having my concentration reduced to a mere 30%... 

So what I do these days is during my 7-4 shifts, I come home looking forward to taking a nap.... As during the nights sometimes I might be washing and ironing my clothes, browsing the web, chatting, etc.... ( I am not a person capable of sleeping before 11.30pm haha)

Anyway, it works... just that might dissapoint some people at office skipping badminton... lol.

Health comes first... sleep is very important... long term lack of sleep can really drive the body haywire, like a bunch of tied up strings in a basket. And soon you might end up falling sick due to the simple fact that you lack sleep.


Anyway, sorry for not updating so long... sorry if I dissapointed you by wasting your time coming here to checkout the page... I really didn't had the mood to type anything, even when this blogger "create post" page is right in front of me.... I would stare at it blankly, turned to another tab and later forget about it. I really don't have the idea to write!! till now....