Saturday, April 21, 2007


I NEED FRIENDS....where in the world are they??? Where have they dissipated to?

Sigh, it happened 2 years ago...when one by one of my Kuantan friends have disappeared in the name of further study. And now stuck at a job (that truly I am getting s**k at) + the friends that I am missing... you can figure, I'm so gonna get out of this place.

It's just a matter of time when things are reaching a point SOooo sickening you just wanna pull the exit plug (not suicide mind you, it starts with a "r")

*had to write in letters for you to guess, just in case I got sabotaged*


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

work mutter

Nothing to update...So I'm gonna mutter as usuals...

"As predicted, working life was gonna be MUCH LESS enjoyable compared to college life. College was about naps in the afternoon, doing work when you feel like it, no bosses to push you around, plenty of free time etc etc. Now the time where everyone lives till the day they retire has come, THE WORKING PERIOD. It's a life where you have to pull yourself out of bed early every morning, walk/drive yourself to work with those heavy eyes, and do your work for 8 hours or more everyday. It isn't easy, never was, from the first day the corporate life was invented, it was always challenging.

Yet I earn quite a bit each month, plus benefits, which you can never get out of some part time sales job or being a waitress at some cafe. Somehow it's different, coz with the amount you are earning, you start planning what to buy, how to save, budgeting etc. It makes you feel so much more adult and able to do things that really matters. Yet, time is never enough, you wish you have more time, only to be drawn to more work, and more things to fill in during times when you are free. You feel you need a long break, a holiday where you don't have to face your work and your colleagues... only to wake up for work again the next morning... really, it's tiring.

At the office, things which are common are gossiping, politics, jealousy, backstabbing... ok maybe it's not always the bad things... you do have good times like a colleague helping you out, jokes where everyones laughing, outings which are enjoyable etc... But it all sounds too fake, where the connection of a friend to a friend, heart to heart never really occurs. Maybe it does, but I guess it's really rare to find a true friend in the working world, one that can really click with you.

Ya I guess that's it with my ranting on work. I wish I could enjoy college once more, but this is life, one phase after the next. Soon, I'll be moving on to a better job, that's always the next phase I'm looking forward to as a working adult..."


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kuantan life... *updated*

Pictures to share from Kuantan:


Robin (our dog)... in a tube.

The area near my home where rain just fell...

Lots of green in Kuantan =)

Night view at Teluk Chempedak beach...

Most importantly, I fixed my streamyx today! =D

*finally able to breathe*

The wonderful modem

Official documents that I'm a WWW citizen


Thursday, April 05, 2007

i need streamyx

Sorry a... so the sorry for not updating... I really need streamyx... Or I dont have the slightest idea on how to continue my daily online routine...

Even with 3G phone as modem connected to my desktop...nothing beats having streamyx installed here... I'm gonna get to it soon these few days.. really...

PS. Jo sorry that day... I didnt saw your misscall, my new number is 0172049877 which is my new number from maxis. Sorry dude...

Will post up all my pics once i get to streamyx