Saturday, February 27, 2010

disappointed once more...

I'm so tired of relationships... the one that had just started went into the ashes abruptly..

I wanted to keep this to myself but just couldn't contain it.

once more it makes me lost trust of love.. that such a thing might not even exist anymore.

I'm just so tired and disappointed and fed up of what had just happened recently.

Time to let go and renew my life once more. Saying is easier than done after going through all that hurt and disappointment in my heart.

I treasure the person that was with me, but always it happens no matter how much I gave and did for the relationship it just doesn't work. I've had enough of this.. it's just so hard to bear anymore...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

21022010 - the day it started

It is an important date, 21/02/2010

The day I started my relationship with Sara Yeap Theng Theng.

Hope it all goes well, as I'm truly in love with this girl. She is everything I hoped for, someone whom I can share my thoughts and feelings with, to talk with, to have things in common with, to meet each other and have the time of our lives together with...

I look forward to love her more each day, and I hope this relationship will lasts... even if it's meant to the very end I'll welcome it...

Love you dear... you are everything to me.

Your dear, David.

Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY after reunion dinner episode

After reunion dinner, saturday...

Felt pain at my adominal, somewhat like the muscles there pulling. It was a buffet style dinner western+chinese due to the fact we booked late and most chinese restaurants are full.

Activities that I did for for the day that could have caused that:
1. went to gym, did some sit ups that could have caused that (accidently burned my right hand with steam as well while in the sauna room)

2. Washed and waxed my car..

After which I was exhausted.

That night, I slept early (has some dizziness) and woke up to a bad fever. Had to put ice packs on my forehead and take two panadols to calm things down (don't ever make a habit to see a doc if you can self cure... antibiotics and those pills are no good for the body in the long run).

Woke up feeling better the next day. But that evening was called to another family dinner and the food, although not buffet style, was ALOT once more (was a typical chinese restaurant serving dishes). Did not call for extra rice, just finish up what I can but it was painful at the same spot. I was worried. Starting thinking it could be my stomach gonna burst or something, or having some internal injury inside.

But anyway, I didn't cough out blood or had any weird incidences when I visited the loo. Things were still normal just that pain each time I ate too much (god is trying to tell me to eat less here? lol)

CNY, can't help it, it's about the food too.. lots and lots of it. Well it's good too so that I wouldn't put on too much weight this festive season =P

I hope the pain subsides soon and my pitiful stomach returns to normal... ='(

Hope all of you don't go through the same "sick" episodes like me and have a blasting new year!! hint: don't do anything ridiculously tiring on chinese new year's eve.. not worth to get sick during CNY!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcoming the Year of the Tiger 2010

woohoo, got my 3 days leave approved on top of my monday and tuesday public holiday!! (good to be new :D )

Total 1 week absent from work, AWESOME!! I LOVE MY COMPANY!! XD

Anyway, some new posters to welcome the Year of the Tiger:

^Tiger Beer's new logo that was launch beginning of this year, nice....^

Enjoy your coming holidays and have a great time!! :D

Sunday, February 07, 2010

to explain in advance and for the year 2010...

for those of you who know where I am working now...

just a short note on why i'm not updating anything about it. Due to the fact that I'm not allowed to.

Will explain that further if we have the chance to meet one day :)


So back to some real updates... been busy... busy with my new job, busy with life, busy with the new year? lol...

Soon it's gonna be Chinese New Year and the mood is already in the air. Cars after cars jamming up during off work hours, going to the mall for some serious shopping for CNY stuffs and grabbing whatever "new" things that they want as if they are free =P

The coming weeks are gonna be really busy and busy... till Chinese New Year is over, PHew!! Wishing for that but better to enjoy it first... :D

This year is gonna be the year of the Tiger, once the Chinese lunar year strikes at 1st Jan (Chinese lunar calendar). And already in January (western calendar) we can feel an air of improvement of things compared to last year (which I want to avoid talking about).... Hopefully it remains as strong as the Tiger character and continues to bring all the goodness along with it. ^_^

Made alot of new friends from all around me, from office, MSN, people's friends etc... and I feel alot of changes coming up pretty soon. Looking forward to the rest of the year ahead.

Oh, and yes, everyone needs to have their new year resolution, mine would be:
1. to lose more pounds (go to gym more often)
2. to talk wiser this year
3. self improvement, and be more mature.
4. to have more new friends ^^
5. to go out more often and meet people (and FB less)
6. to spend less, and to spend on only what's necessary, to save more, and hopefully learn how to roll and make more money out of what I have.
7. to drive less fast, to be more cautious at the roads (my close friends will know why XD )
8. to be continued? haha

Yup, that's all for my updates now. :D

Hope you have a great, great year ahead!! Happy 2010!!