Sunday, February 07, 2010

to explain in advance and for the year 2010...

for those of you who know where I am working now...

just a short note on why i'm not updating anything about it. Due to the fact that I'm not allowed to.

Will explain that further if we have the chance to meet one day :)


So back to some real updates... been busy... busy with my new job, busy with life, busy with the new year? lol...

Soon it's gonna be Chinese New Year and the mood is already in the air. Cars after cars jamming up during off work hours, going to the mall for some serious shopping for CNY stuffs and grabbing whatever "new" things that they want as if they are free =P

The coming weeks are gonna be really busy and busy... till Chinese New Year is over, PHew!! Wishing for that but better to enjoy it first... :D

This year is gonna be the year of the Tiger, once the Chinese lunar year strikes at 1st Jan (Chinese lunar calendar). And already in January (western calendar) we can feel an air of improvement of things compared to last year (which I want to avoid talking about).... Hopefully it remains as strong as the Tiger character and continues to bring all the goodness along with it. ^_^

Made alot of new friends from all around me, from office, MSN, people's friends etc... and I feel alot of changes coming up pretty soon. Looking forward to the rest of the year ahead.

Oh, and yes, everyone needs to have their new year resolution, mine would be:
1. to lose more pounds (go to gym more often)
2. to talk wiser this year
3. self improvement, and be more mature.
4. to have more new friends ^^
5. to go out more often and meet people (and FB less)
6. to spend less, and to spend on only what's necessary, to save more, and hopefully learn how to roll and make more money out of what I have.
7. to drive less fast, to be more cautious at the roads (my close friends will know why XD )
8. to be continued? haha

Yup, that's all for my updates now. :D

Hope you have a great, great year ahead!! Happy 2010!!

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