Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY after reunion dinner episode

After reunion dinner, saturday...

Felt pain at my adominal, somewhat like the muscles there pulling. It was a buffet style dinner western+chinese due to the fact we booked late and most chinese restaurants are full.

Activities that I did for for the day that could have caused that:
1. went to gym, did some sit ups that could have caused that (accidently burned my right hand with steam as well while in the sauna room)

2. Washed and waxed my car..

After which I was exhausted.

That night, I slept early (has some dizziness) and woke up to a bad fever. Had to put ice packs on my forehead and take two panadols to calm things down (don't ever make a habit to see a doc if you can self cure... antibiotics and those pills are no good for the body in the long run).

Woke up feeling better the next day. But that evening was called to another family dinner and the food, although not buffet style, was ALOT once more (was a typical chinese restaurant serving dishes). Did not call for extra rice, just finish up what I can but it was painful at the same spot. I was worried. Starting thinking it could be my stomach gonna burst or something, or having some internal injury inside.

But anyway, I didn't cough out blood or had any weird incidences when I visited the loo. Things were still normal just that pain each time I ate too much (god is trying to tell me to eat less here? lol)

CNY, can't help it, it's about the food too.. lots and lots of it. Well it's good too so that I wouldn't put on too much weight this festive season =P

I hope the pain subsides soon and my pitiful stomach returns to normal... ='(

Hope all of you don't go through the same "sick" episodes like me and have a blasting new year!! hint: don't do anything ridiculously tiring on chinese new year's eve.. not worth to get sick during CNY!!

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