Tuesday, May 29, 2007

the 7 tags

The Tag: (forced by Yue to do wan... )

[Seven Things I'm Experiencing Now]
1. writing
2. kinda fussy
3. Wanna go to bed?
4. Tired
5. Bored
6. Sienzzz

[Seven Things I'm Thinking About Now]
1. Friends
2. Maxis
3. A new job?
4. A gf (lol)
5. how quiet it is now...
6. hmn. Some sig thingy
7. The time and how fast the night goes

[Seven Things I'm Worrying About]
1. I never try to worry
2 - 7 null

[Seven Things I'm Happy About]
1. Life
2. Being alive
3. Having two sis which I love alot
4. That the two sis loves me too
5. That mum is healthy and living
6. That internet is kinda fast
7. I can play dota like everyday now

[Seven People I Treasure]
1. myself
2. God
3. Eldest Sis
4. 2nd sis
5. mum
6. my many friends
7. my really close friends

[Seven Things I Always Touch or Come In Contact With]
1. PC?
2. my things
3. food
4. handphone
5. money
6. robin my dog
7. tv remote control

[Seven Things I Want to Improve]

1. a better job
2. masters
3. my mandarin
4. my cantonese
5. my hokkien
6. badminton (so I can beat eng chuan, best player among my friends)
7. myself? lol

[Seven Things I'm Strong In]
1. badminton
2. dota
3. computer games coz can use cheat at times
4. english
5. eating when I have the mood to (in functions I can eat alot XD )
6. Talking
7. my belive in God

[Seven Things I'm Weak In]
1. hmn... telling lies?
2. courting girls (nah I don't have the mood most times...)
3. fighting with some strong asses (guys which wanna pick a fight)
4. jogging (oh reli hate this)
5. programming (forcing myself not to hate it)
6. I don't scold ppl I just can't
7. seeing a girl cry... (I'll go nuts)

[Seven Things I Adore Eating]
1. buffet luncheon (which I try not to eat too much these days, they are crazy)
2. Mc D (ahhh...)
3. Pizzas... (I love those really nice ones)
4. Home made mum's maggi (oh she's a genius +extra liaus)
5. keropoks (the small ones are nice!)
6. Sushi coz they're healthy
7. Chilis! (exp yet great)

[Seven Things I Adore Drinking]
1. fruitjuices
2. mum's fruit juice (at times when its just right)
3. chinese tea
4. i love carrot milk
5. water H20
6. barleyhsss
7. alchohol when I need it

[Seven Things I Detest]
1. swearing
2. no manners
3. treating a lover badly
4. ppl who pick on others
5. a bad job and bad management
6. not enough sleep
7. wasting time

[Seven Things I Cannot Live Without]
1. myself (coz I'll die)
2. God
3. friends
4. computer and internet
5. video games
6. exercise
7. my family (I wonder what I'll do without them)

[Seven Things I Fear to Show]
1. my sins
2. personal stuffs
3. ugly pasts
4. naked? lol
5. my temper
6. my bad photos
7. myself when I dress badly

[Seven Things I'll Never Want to Talk About]
1. my bad past?
2. things that make me cry
3. a bad job
4. a bad experience
5. Preaching when I don't feel like it
6. debating about religion
7. being fat and whose fat? (I find those silly)

[Seven Things I Will Want to Do]
1. live long and be merry
2. have a good(hopefully beautiful) wife and kids XD
3. and a great family
4. read more
5. stop gaming when the time is right
6. be a successful person
7. Study masters

[Seven Things I Will Never Play Around When/With]
1. words
2. love
3. sex (imagine having babies all over at the wrong time)
4. mad people (avoid them at all cost, I mean the really mad ones)
5. people (don't ever take them for granted, esp your colleagues)
6. stuff to do and when you're suppose to finish them
7. life (make the best outta it or u'll regret)

[Seven Things I Wonder About]
1. Will I ever be a protestant? (I'm a catholic, but an open minded type, coz I'm a convert yet deep)
2. Who will be my next gf and will she be my wife? (tired of searching)
3. Why is life so puzzling and complicated at times?
4. Why can't a big company ever look at me? Looking down at me issit? Or you too many sucky resumes?
5. Why people act like they shouldn't... (realize who you are la for once)
6. When am I gonna die
7. What will things be in 20 years?

[Seven Questions I Hope My Friends Would Respond To]
1. Am I handsome? (I know I'm not hahahha... lol)
2. Am I a good friend to you?
3. You hate me anot? (hate tell la bagger)
4. Why you laugh la...
5. Eh I'm asking and you're not responding
6. Are you listening?
7. Where the hell are you? (want me to organize everything for u all a, not so free)

[Seven Things (or People) I Would Love to See]
1. A nice girl with nice attitudes
2. A nice young person (hopefully more)
3. old people which are happy
4. Poor people which have all they need
5. War coming to an end
6. President Bush stepping down as president
7. Heaven

[Seven People I Wanna Tag]
1. Licia

2. Paranoid

3. Joseph of HOI

Ya can think of 3 onlee... I tried my best! =D


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Pegasus wow...

updates from interview trip

Ok... I didnt take any photos of IBM coz the interview was so rush!!! I could only take pics related to it.... First of all... my sis home which I "borrowed" for one nite to sleep in:

Kota Kemuning Randa Apartments: (interior decor done by my eldest sis)

She is a genius in this... *continues*

And best of all the above did not cost more then 25k. Don't ask me how she did it but she went hunting for quality yet cheap.

After which I was off for IBM in Taman Tun... below was the journey:

(lime + asam [forgot the actual name]) Nicee....

^secret Recipe... near the building... went there coz had nothing better to do. Had lunch with friend earlier there. He was the one who helped me push my resume... so ya didn't mind arriving earlier to meet him. Total spent 2-3 "quality" time alone lol. Was hell boring. My longest wait ever.

Inside KLIA Express to KLIA after the interview.

New cover for Chicken Foldover... I like the cute Puss. He rocks! XD

^Inside KLIA... really nice. I think it got voted as one of the best airports in the world or something. But really I love the shopping inside!!! hehe later will post up what I bought... lol

My interview overall was good. Beyond my expectation. Hope to get the confirmation this week and I'm tendering for an "out" of maxis. lol. IBM is just one of my dream careers come true.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Back to my beautiful blog... *ahem*

(picks up a pencil and scrabble...)

I learn that life can be tough... even when you actually have everything already..

I know I want more... I just dunno why... why I can't be satisfied with what I have now?...

Somethings amiss... just something... maybe I need to get away from here... away to somewhere where I have my own space...

Work... sux. lol.

Wonders... hmn... Will things improve if I get to KL... like by how much... or worse..

??? why am I thinking so much. Don't know. Been strange since yesterday... maybe after watching Pirates for 3 hours straight...

Pirates rules though... somehow it's still nice though 3 hours... maybe a bit tiring...

Ok, guess you're tired reading between the blank spaces, ha ha.

Somehow, I just feel it.... things are gonna get better. Somehow....


Friday, May 18, 2007

Brands that I love to have...

I just love brands... it just makes me wonder how each great brands are so carefully and intricately woven into their superb products... + with the good after sales service... there is just so much to be admired about what they do. (well maybe not working there if you know what I mean)

Below are the few brands I'm currently in love with... The few products I've used have given me a big deal of an impression of them. May I present you:

1. Swatch

^The watch Swatch Irony series that I am using now... not even a scratch on the glass. It seems to be like as thick as some under-water submarine glass or something. Anyhow its durable, nice and I like the color!! muahhaa... (price? RM300+) And they even promise that the glass can be replaced (with a fee of course) if it is scratched o_O"""

2. Nike

^even the tag looks lovely...

^the shoes I'm wearing for casual these days. As comfortable as a cotton in the air...(cost: RM200+)

^I love those bags that they give when you exceed RM200... it makes you feel you're the only one holding it...

Nike... you rocks once more!!! (only occurred after I worked there and learn about the brand, and why is it so damn good, though expensive.)

3. Bodyshop

This I have to admit...after buying their shower foam product, till I realize how good they are at making them. It is just flawless... The deodorant is nice too.

And I especially love the fact that they are anti animal testing, and also trying their very best to help the poor...in the countries like Africa where "poverty" really means something big. They actually give business to the plantation workers there by buying their crops for their Body Shop products!! Cool huh! You get cheaper raw materials and you help them too!!! The formula they use to make their products....are really god-sent. I don't think anyone can copy them. God must have really bless them with such genius by helping the poor people.

^this one is perfect. I had sensitive skin at first due to some detergent crossing my hand, making them peel off!! Arghh...didn't know which brand to buy for sensitive skin...till I bought this. Non detergent shower foam, made from cocoa (some special cocoa really). Feels refreshed after using it. The smell is heaven.

^Deodorant. A bit regret at first...coz thought that Boss or some other "real" guy perfume brands would be better. But later feel that it is fine... Really take those stinky body odor till end of the day, much better then my previous perfume... more lasting.


3 biggest brands that I am loving so far. Cheers!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My dreamjob (those jobs that I have been yearning a lifetime to get ever since I studied IT):

IBM Helpdesk Support

The not so realistic picture

The more realistic picture...

I'm hoping to get it. Will be going down for interview next week. Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Sorry for not updating.... guess there are people who actually reads my dull blog. I was away due to frustration with the old template "image not found" problem. Luckily I got linked up with the author to grab the images... only got the time to test it today and it was fix in 2 seconds! (thank god I saved the old template codes in notepad before editing.)

This template still rocks....the creator replied my frantic email and sent the graphics over! woohoo... I miss the purple and all that. The blog feels rejuvenated.

Anyway... enough of the sorry... It was really hectic tell you (work as usual). I rather rest my head with some mindless(& endless) games or tv then to look into my blog at times. I apologize to my readers and friends.



Anyway, I attended my convo recently...here are the pics with those memories back in college.... Enjoy! :

Me and Siew Lai (group member)

Me and mum

Kelvin, Me and Poh (ex-classmate and ex-roomate)

Wearing the graduation robe and the hat makes me feel.... special. It's a once in a lifetime robe that you'll ever get to dress in. Overall it was nice....got to meet with some old friends the whole experience... makes you feel honored for all your efforts in college.