Friday, May 18, 2007

Brands that I love to have...

I just love brands... it just makes me wonder how each great brands are so carefully and intricately woven into their superb products... + with the good after sales service... there is just so much to be admired about what they do. (well maybe not working there if you know what I mean)

Below are the few brands I'm currently in love with... The few products I've used have given me a big deal of an impression of them. May I present you:

1. Swatch

^The watch Swatch Irony series that I am using now... not even a scratch on the glass. It seems to be like as thick as some under-water submarine glass or something. Anyhow its durable, nice and I like the color!! muahhaa... (price? RM300+) And they even promise that the glass can be replaced (with a fee of course) if it is scratched o_O"""

2. Nike

^even the tag looks lovely...

^the shoes I'm wearing for casual these days. As comfortable as a cotton in the air...(cost: RM200+)

^I love those bags that they give when you exceed RM200... it makes you feel you're the only one holding it...

Nike... you rocks once more!!! (only occurred after I worked there and learn about the brand, and why is it so damn good, though expensive.)

3. Bodyshop

This I have to admit...after buying their shower foam product, till I realize how good they are at making them. It is just flawless... The deodorant is nice too.

And I especially love the fact that they are anti animal testing, and also trying their very best to help the the countries like Africa where "poverty" really means something big. They actually give business to the plantation workers there by buying their crops for their Body Shop products!! Cool huh! You get cheaper raw materials and you help them too!!! The formula they use to make their products....are really god-sent. I don't think anyone can copy them. God must have really bless them with such genius by helping the poor people.

^this one is perfect. I had sensitive skin at first due to some detergent crossing my hand, making them peel off!! Arghh...didn't know which brand to buy for sensitive skin...till I bought this. Non detergent shower foam, made from cocoa (some special cocoa really). Feels refreshed after using it. The smell is heaven.

^Deodorant. A bit regret at first...coz thought that Boss or some other "real" guy perfume brands would be better. But later feel that it is fine... Really take those stinky body odor till end of the day, much better then my previous perfume... more lasting.


3 biggest brands that I am loving so far. Cheers!


licia said...

for nike n swatch i may agree.. haha.. but i dun like body shop! =D

no animal testing..
then who can they test their products on besides their very own consumers? ^^
my lecturer got allergy due to using some of their products XD

anyways, they're using societal marketing..
who's money u think they're donating to the poor? =P
their price mark-up damn high leh..
with that price i think can buy better quality products than what body shop can offer dee XD

david said...


ooo... but their shower cream nice ler... i like the smell..

ya nike and swatch damm nice la. You got swatch watch?

Next time got money buy another swatch ^_^

Nike is the best sports attire...v comfortable..

licia said...

yup.. i have one swatch skin.. =D

hehe.. it smells nice coz.. when u look at the ingredient u can find "parfum" ;)

David said...


one day must see see your swatch..

haha parfume pulak. But I agree lo damn expensive... RM40 for a shower creme is overrated.