Tuesday, May 29, 2007

updates from interview trip

Ok... I didnt take any photos of IBM coz the interview was so rush!!! I could only take pics related to it.... First of all... my sis home which I "borrowed" for one nite to sleep in:

Kota Kemuning Randa Apartments: (interior decor done by my eldest sis)

She is a genius in this... *continues*

And best of all the above did not cost more then 25k. Don't ask me how she did it but she went hunting for quality yet cheap.

After which I was off for IBM in Taman Tun... below was the journey:

(lime + asam [forgot the actual name]) Nicee....

^secret Recipe... near the building... went there coz had nothing better to do. Had lunch with friend earlier there. He was the one who helped me push my resume... so ya didn't mind arriving earlier to meet him. Total spent 2-3 "quality" time alone lol. Was hell boring. My longest wait ever.

Inside KLIA Express to KLIA after the interview.

New cover for Chicken Foldover... I like the cute Puss. He rocks! XD

^Inside KLIA... really nice. I think it got voted as one of the best airports in the world or something. But really I love the shopping inside!!! hehe later will post up what I bought... lol

My interview overall was good. Beyond my expectation. Hope to get the confirmation this week and I'm tendering for an "out" of maxis. lol. IBM is just one of my dream careers come true.

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