Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Sorry for not updating.... guess there are people who actually reads my dull blog. I was away due to frustration with the old template "image not found" problem. Luckily I got linked up with the author to grab the images... only got the time to test it today and it was fix in 2 seconds! (thank god I saved the old template codes in notepad before editing.)

This template still rocks....the creator replied my frantic email and sent the graphics over! woohoo... I miss the purple and all that. The blog feels rejuvenated.

Anyway... enough of the sorry... It was really hectic tell you (work as usual). I rather rest my head with some mindless(& endless) games or tv then to look into my blog at times. I apologize to my readers and friends.



Anyway, I attended my convo recently...here are the pics with those memories back in college.... Enjoy! :

Me and Siew Lai (group member)

Me and mum

Kelvin, Me and Poh (ex-classmate and ex-roomate)

Wearing the graduation robe and the hat makes me feel.... special. It's a once in a lifetime robe that you'll ever get to dress in. Overall it was nice....got to meet with some old friends the whole experience... makes you feel honored for all your efforts in college.