Thursday, August 25, 2005

3rd year is the toughest time in my life here in Sunway

It's so hard, I'm barely breathing now, holding on to the rope that would continue to carry me to the other side, the side where I would one day graduate and obtain my degree. I'm struggling, for a good cause. I must pass through this, no matter what, no matter how, no matter what it takes. It is not called third year for no reason, it is tough, tougher than what I expected, but it's worth it, it's my passport to a better future.

God, help me now through my struggles, I need you more than anything now, especially in managing my time. Gimme the strenght that I need to go through this challenging times.

Reminds me of this picture:

Lol. Simpson, ha-ha. That lighten me up a bit there.

Gosh, I have so so much things to do within this term, 3 months time is much less thatn what is truly needed for us. Sooooooo short!!! Sigh, how I wish this will end quickly.

Wish me luck, let's hope I can get through this...

Allrite, for the bright side, putting studies aside, yah! I am now officially a Chelsea supporter. Yee-haw, wil be reading up more about them...

CG tomorrow, and will be pretty busy setting up the annual mass for Saturday starting tomorrow. Let us all from LOTN hope it will turn up great!!

Here's the flyer:

That's all folks! ;)

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