Saturday, August 27, 2005


Just here to say sorry to Ben. I lost my cool. And I do admit what you said is right.

Will be on my way to change the bad things that you have written about me there in your blog. You're right, I myself know myself better than anyone else, and it is my fault really. Thanks for telling me those things from your heart.

That's what I really need, people to tell me and to let me know my faults. I appreciate it.

I'm not perfect, and certainly I do have many flaws, even sometimes me myself failing to see it when it appears so many times, espcially when I am with you guys, my close pals.

I have been blinded by my own self, my own pride, vanity and selfishness. I vow to change, no matter what, these flaws that have gain a stronghold in my life.

Thanks for telling me Ben. I know I have been a a-hole, weirdo, lamenoid whatever you call it. You do know my condition rite? Well, it's time I stop taking that as an excuse and change myself, stop acting stupid, lame and trying to be funny.

Sorry for that post. It was stupid.

Well that's all I have to say, well even if from now on we dont speak, I don't blame you. I deserve it. This is my second crisis with a friend, a close friend who later avoided each other. That's it for me, a huge change coming over myself and attitude.

Off to my bed now, and off to a new start, a new leaf.

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Mr Disagree said...

Eh,different story.LOL.Looks like some1 losing his composure.Make sure u dont stop ur medication, dude.