Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yesterday's CG was great!

Three words: It was great.

That are the words to describe it.

Well, I read a friend of mine who described the cg meeting last night...and I don't blame her for writing such things. I was once a newbie there at the cg in LOTN. But, I slowly learn not to get into the group, but rather, to accept them adn myself in it. And getting into the group is not important, it is about serving the Lord.

Naturally, after a few months journeying with Elsie, Ella, Meity, Kenneth, Prita, and also the others, I got to know them really well, especially Kenneth. More members came in, and our cg multiplied into the multitudes, from a handful of less than 7 people growing into the enourmous amount of more than 30 people in LOTN(Light of the Nations). Extraordinary people came in, and I really thank God for these people. People such as Julius, Surya, Esther, Jo, and not forgetting the others which I my mind can't seem to cross now. They are commited leaders of LOTN. Our cg is still growing, and we need such people to shepherd the sheeps. True we are all leaders, but sometimes there is a need to appoint servants that would be the leader, yet serving most as well. I might be one some day, if it is by God's providence.

I am glad to be part of it, even when the majority are Indonesians. We are one big family regarding the diffrence of race and origin. They are mostly nice people. Just that sometimes I don't understand what they speak, still learning, still learning... :p

Alrite, about yesterday's cg, it was something diffrent, we had an awesome but diffrent sort of praise and worship, something personal, intimate with God. We sang hymms and rather simple songs which really touches the core of our hearts. Rather the the normal songs that are chosen, it was great to have something diffrent, but rather interesting...

God bless our Light of the Nations! Cheers...

Lifeline's website(LOTN is part of Lifelife-College and Young Adults Ministry)

"And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make
you fishers of

Today- Saturday
Woke up on hour ago, and well I finally
had some gooood rest. And to
Janice! Sorry, I can't change the
template anymore, or all of my codes will be gone...hehe such a coincidence both
of us are using the same template. I like the lighthouse concept, which reembles
some sort of house/hut, somewhat suits the name Dave's Boulevard.

Listening to the radio these past few days. Hehe was smart enough open
my foldable table which I have left aside to put it on top of it. Now it's
working fine. Have some portal to the outside world now, rather than listening
to those pirated MP3s and WAV files. Radio and music definately, rules.

I miss the TV, yet I love the fact I'm abstaining from it, saving me so
much time. But now I have another temptation, the computer!!! Argghh, it is one
huge big piece of something as delicious as ice-cream in front of me!!! Lol.
Nah, as long I don't surf or play games too much. Hehe...

Ok now, gotta
check my mails, do my stuff and well, what else is there to do, than thise huge
piece of ice-cream in front of me? Heh, indulge in it! haha...before my classes
starts that is...

Wow, one long blog, omg omg...

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