Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A story that goes out to a friend

What is chatting? Online chatting? Do people view it seriously? Is it like a phone number that you exchanged between two persons? N-O-O...those people that said that are from "old school". Hear me?? You are so off your time gal, go update yourself.

The story goes like this:
This friend came into my room and said he wanted to intro this UK girl to me so he typed her address into my msn so he added her la. I was reluctant, but he hesitated, so no choice, fine...Then I started chatting with her, and she was like shocked to see how I got her address. So this friend asked me to lie, say:"He went out, I came into his room and saw his comp on, so I added your address." So ok, I did what he said. And she was like pissed and already showing disinterest in talking to me. So she even told me she was busy chatting with a friend(bullshit).

So next, this friend told me to tell her he came back and immediately she ask him to talk to her on MSN. So I played along and they chatted. I was waiting so long for her reply, and then I went to his comp(his room outside) and read things which really hurt me, "Don't do that again! Don't let other people add me!" and "If he was so sneaky to do that to you, what else is he hiding?".

Fine! I was really pissed. I went to my comp and explained everything in TRUTH to her. And damm, it didn't get better, she just freak out even more with all the "!" and was trying to show like "Oh, I'm a celebrity, how did you get my contact??!!". Fine! I just wanna be friends for my roomate's sake and she even told me "I am just hearing stories from both sides!". And This roomate, who wanted to end it, did something really stupid which was blocking and then deleting her from my MSN contact. He has more strenght and was really forceful, grabbing my hand and took over the mouse and keyboard and did it, without giving us more time of developing a friendship, so FINE! Delete her, like I care! Go shove your strenght somewhere whey!!! You think you are stronger so you always use force is it???

Done. That is the story. And I don't care a damm of what is going to happen between three of us. Because of some !#$#%^ brainless women whom I trusted him coz he said "she is pretty" and stuff. So you be the judge, and tell me who is wrong.

It's a place to make online friends too, even those you haven't met before. So what if you don't like the person? You just freaking block him or her and just delete the !~#!#$% contact lar!!! Common sense rite? But some people are just soooo conservative....like I said: OLD SCHOOL.

These people should get a life. They are just people who don't know what a MSN Messenger can do. IT-illiterate.

Yup I'm angry. Very...


Mr Disagree said...

OMG, it's a sad case.Sigh!

David said...

Well. We started talking again. Guess it will take some time for me and him to recover from it.

Praise God. Almost blew my tempers yesterday. Yet, he's still a nice friend. Just some small mistake yesterday, really..

roy said...

you ppl are sickeningly morons!! get a life!