Monday, August 22, 2005

Internet connection sucks

Have not been updating coz the connection here in the hostel is way too laggy.

So what happened? Nothing much. Weekend was about staying back playing Dota and going to pyramid with my friend Roy. After which on Sunday we went to watch Chelsea vs Arsenal game. It was exciting, and Chelsea won by a lucky and suprising goal. The crowds were really into the game at Jaafar.

Not to forget having a few glimpse of my friend Ben watching Hillsong's live concert on CD. I wonder when can we Catholics become as such, answer seems to be "never". They are so lively are so into the praise and worship, and it is really good indeed.

^Hillsong's Concert

I'm thinking of supporting a club, either Chelsea or Arsenal. I'm not into Man U, too many are into it. Need to do some research I guess.

Going to class soon at 9.30am. All of my classes this term are only in the morning, but Miss Sherly my co-ordinator has said it's gonna be tough although we only take 3 subjects in UoP this term. Yet, I'm up to the challenge, the Lord will bless me with his abundant providence to preservere through this.

That's all for now. Ciaoz.

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