Monday, January 16, 2006

Emperor: Rise of Middle Kingdom

Got this game from a friend. Haha such a coincidence. He was borrowing it to a friend, just on the way he stopped by at my room to chat, and well I ended up installing this game, and it doesn't need cd! Wee. And now, I'm officially hooked to it.

There goes my hours in a day...

Here are some cool pics from it:

It's sooooo freaking addictive and cool. Teaches about chinese history also. Real monuments, real emperors etc etc. O.o Wuahahha can't wait to finish all the campaign missions.


A bit of wat has happened...

Well it's the first week, so just brief intro here and there.

Friends, are all busy enjoying their first one week, with most being stucked in front of their PCs XD. Man, wat the world will be like without computers...

K then. That's all for now. Check out Emperor if u got the chance. ;)

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