Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Went out with Eva, was great! Thannnnks.

We started with Kenny Rodgers first, haha her favourite...

Had a movie called Long Kong. Means Art of the Devil. Omg it was te most gross movie ever. Super grosssss. Blood, gore etc.

Eva is nice really. Glad to know her. Our first meeting where previously we just chatted online. Actually got to know her through a forum call kokorobox.

Wanted to go Redbox karaoke, but ended up we both have to pay RM113 alltogether. It was expensive coming to think that it only last a few hours. So we skipped that, ended up watching the skating rink and chatted a bit till we decided to rest at Starbucks for some drinks.

It was a memorable time.

Looking forward to going out with her again. How sweet she is. =)

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