Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am back after a long hiatus

Yes, I am back to blogging... one of my long hiatus after CNY...

didn't feel like updating anything, don't have the mood to.

I don't know if i'm feeling depressed or being negative, but recently my mood is really bad...

Things did happen as well (not a relationship, I don't have such luck).

Sometimes I felt what are we living this life for? What is it all about? How come am I feeling so meaningless in it? Too much of work?

4 more days to Valentine's... and seems like it's gonna be a lonely Valentine's.

Ppl tell me I'm being complicated, am I? I don't know... maybe I'm just thinking too much.

I still feel happy at times, like happy being at work, being with friends... But I sort of felt my whole self is changing... being more mature?

So many questions... maybe it's being part of growing up. I don't know.

Pray for me... as it seems I'm on rocky seas now... where I'm going I don't know... I'm lost... in the middle of the wide ocean...

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