Saturday, May 24, 2008

back to blogging

back to blogging... and the first thing to post..

i got a new job... which means stress... lol

working at British American Tobacco... it's a nice place, good colleagues, environment.

Sadly, I started smoking due to the stress, and the fact that everyone there smokes. The toilet, the meeting room and the work area (after 6) is free for smoking. Heck, God i'm so sorry, I will quit when the right time comes (esp after marriage). Taking lights now, no to the regulars as they are heavy with the stuff.

Will update more to rant and release my emos...


WP said...

British American Tobacco? Where is it? (which town, I mean)

But why wait for the "right time" to stop smoking? Be careful, it might get harder to quit in the future...

All the best :)

david said...

it's in pj... the factory that is near the roundabout wan... =)